Socialising at the comfort of my home

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Juggling between 40 hours of work week and running errands at home can get incredibly tedious. Sometimes I just don’t have enough time and energy to socilaise with my friends in the evenings. Of late I started feeling left out. Though I’m the one to be blamed, nonetheless, it’s not like I don’t want to go out with my friends, it’s just that I’m too exhausted to.

To rejig things around, I started looking out for fun ways to keep boredom at bay when at home. It can get quite lonely when I’m left to myself (hate the deathly silence around). Lately, instead of chatting on Facebook or Twitter to catch up with my old friends, I play bingo online and make new ones. There is a fantastic bingo site New Look Bingo which has a great buzz, and the best part is, I play bingo for FREE! I have come across plenty of like minded players who I love to share a cheeky natter with.

Now that I’m part of the fun little bingo world, it all makes sense why the game is so incredibly popular- especially among women. I have read in plenty of articles about UK’s obsession with online bingo- the social aspects coupled with fun and frolic makes the game so much enjoyable. Also it’s cheap, and free in some cases. I won’t deny that I too fancy winning a huge life-changing win one day. However, it’s not like I’ve never won a substantial amount in the past. But I ensure to play with moderation.

Sign up now to a bingo site, if you are yet to experience its joys. Just one game and it will blow away the cobwebs.

So the next time you find me missing from yet another social gathering, you know where I’ll be.