Easy Tips to Give your Company a Brand Personality

Thursday, October 31, 2013

A company is much like a person. Each company has its own specific personality, defined not only by the way they look, but also by the way they operate and the services or products they deliver. A brand personality is something that every company already has, the key it to find it and make it shine.

The Identity

Even if you think your company has no personality or you feel like you don’t know how to improve the company’s perception, every company has the building blocks for a great brand personality. When it comes to identifying what personality your company has, or should have, start by considering attributes that are important to the way your company operates. Consider questions such as: is your company corporate or more personable, more modern and cutting edge, traditional or established, is it all-inclusive or exclusive, is it fun or more serious? Once you have established the attributes you value in your company you can use them to form an identity, which will dictate your branding.

The Voice

Although it is important for your company’s identity to be immediately evident, the verbal or intellectual content is also important. Much of you brand personality will be dictated by what you say and how you say it. Make sure your brand has a clean, clear-cut message that people will remember. This does not have to be a slogan, but rather focus on the positive attributes of your company and display them through careful word choice. If you company is serious, traditional and exclusive, ensure that all your written content, from business cards to online text, demonstrates this to the consumer.

The Aesthetic

Your brand’s visual presence comes last and is used to wrap up your brand into a unified and articulate package. Similar to your brand’s voice, your brand’s aesthetic, should also be dictated by your company’s identify. It is important to realise that every visual element matters, from your choice in colour scheme, to your choice in typeface. A serious traditional company should not use big, bright, bold or contemporary design and should rather use a classic colour scheme with a more serious choice in typeface, and an overall elegance to the design. If your company has an online presence, make sure that it is cohesive. Consumers respond well to companies that seem to have a unified digital and physical presence, so remember to make your physical presence equally as attractive as your digital presence.

Finding and perfecting your company’s identity, voice and aesthetic, are easy ways to improve your brand presence. If you are just starting out, these tips will help guide your choices and formulate a stronger and more cohesive brand personality. If you are looking for inspiration or assistance there is a lot available online. There are also companies that specialist in holistic company branding; visit www.tuprojects.com to find out more.

By Grace Patterson

Plan For Renovation

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Hubby has been bugging me if we can start the renovation that we’ve been planning for months already in our house in the province. We really wanted to make some changes, especially with our guest rooms because we are thinking to spend a short vacation with my friends next summer.

We actually ordered some equipment, tools like the reid supply knobs and some floor tiles last month but we haven’t used it them yet. We talked to my uncle who is an architect to seek help with regard to the designs that can be done and other materials that we will need for the renovation. He made a layout of the house already and all that we have to do is to hire the staff for the entire production.

We haven’t finalized the time schedule yet because we are still busy. My daughter will be celebrating her birthday this November so we are kind of busy with all the preparations. But then, we are aiming to start at least the 2nd half of December so that the workers will have enough time to finish everything.

3 Things to Avoid When Crossing Over to Using Clipless Pedals

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Clipless pedals are the fixture of choice for most serious cyclists. The name may sound misleading as your shoes do, in fact, clip in, but “clipless” refers to their absence of the older style fixtures that had toe straps and buckles. They allow for a more efficient pedalling motion than standard pedals, facilitating a circular motion rather than the more up-and-down motion of non-clipping pedals.

There is, however, a bit of a learning curve when it comes to making the switch, so here are 3 things to avoid once you’ve taken the leap toward clipless.

Diving in the Deep End

When you start out using clipless pedals, it’s highly likely that you’ll fall over at least a few times while you’re adjusting. It’s a bit of a learning process and just about everybody will forget to unclip every now and again when coming to a halt – meaning a date with the cold hard ground.

Accommodate for this possibility by starting out slowly; get some practice in a park or a quiet street so that if you do fall, you can avoid any nasty collisions with cars or pedestrians. Better yet, ride on grass the first few times while you get used to the feeling of your new pedals, so that you minimise damage to your bike if you come off it, rather than scraping up your nice paintwork.

Don’t dive straight into the deep end and hurtle along your usual high-octane sprint routes or use your work commute as a trial run, you should ease into it and remember: you’re learning!

Having Your Seat Too High

If your seat is set to the optimal height for riding, then it will be set high enough so that both of your feet won’t be able to touch the ground while sitting. When you’re learning though, it’s okay to alter your configuration a little so that you’re closer to the ground. If you’re trying to juggle tiptoeing with the foreign feel of your new pedals, you’re likely to end up falling over and battling frustration.

Simply lower your seat a little while you get used to the new pedals and once you feel that you’ve got the hang of it and you’re confident that your skills are up to scratch, readjust the seat back up to optimal height. This will make it much easier for you while you learn.

Ignoring Release Pressure

Most clipless pedals have an adjustable release pressure. When you make the switch, make sure you understand how to adjust this setting so that you can play around with it and ensure it’s set correctly for your needs and abilities.

When you first start out, it’s wise to have your release pressure set lightly so it’s easier to unclip while you’re still getting used to having to perform the deliberate action of clipping in and out throughout your rides.

Once you’re ready to get back into your normal riding regimes, tighten them up so that you can really get the most out of them during more intense riding and sprints. Make sure they’re tight enough to keep your feet secure during your more vigorous pedalling but still set lightly enough that it’s not a struggle to unclip on stopping.

If you can simply avoid these rookie mistakes you’ll be well on your way to cycling like a pro and enjoying the advantages of the clipless revolution. Check out the competition-level range from Merida bikes and get serious about your sport by switching to clipless.

5 Biggest Sporting Events Planned for 2014

With the New Year only a few months away there’s a good opportunity for spectacle on the plate for sports fans. There are all kinds of events from all around the world and something for everyone. Some of the most reputable and classic sporting events in the world are coming around again. Here are just five of the things you can look forward to. So dust off the merchandise and get ready to represent.

Winter Olympics

Straight from the freezing depths of Sochi, Russia comes the Winter Olympics. While it doesn’t quite get the publicity of the summer event there’s some real skill and spectacle to be made when the best show their best on ice. Sure it might not be something Australia has much of a chance in, but if you want to take a look at some of the more advanced tricks and skills you need to check this out.

Commonwealth Games

From the counterpart of the Olympics to its younger brother, the Commonwealth games may not be quite the spectacle that the Olympics is, since countries like China and the US will sadly not be making an appearance, but it is still a great spectacle of athleticism and national pride. With the US gone there may be some actual doubt who’s going to win. So throw up some national colours and enjoy the game.

FIFA World Cup

Many a young soccer fan has been persuaded to lace up some boots, pick up a ball and head out onto the field by this event and 2014 should be no exception. It’s a tough competition and while Australia may not win, it’s still inspiring to watch our team go as far as we can. Australia lost to the team that won last time. Who knows? Maybe you’ll want to pick up some boots from a store, or a website like this website and get into the sport yourself.


Tennis’s ultimate event is Wimbledon. The finest tennis players from all around the world in one place attempting to show the world who the top dog is. Show up for one game or all of them and see the best take on the best. The winner of this tournament, is the greatest tennis player in the world, that’s got to be worth a look.

Italian Grand Prix

From man to motor, the Italian Grand Prix has the distinction of being the only sport on this list most people can’t afford to participate in. Watching the sheer speed, exhilaration and power behind these engines makes this a sporting event not to be missed. Sheer incredible power and speed of their engines running, should do the same to yours. 

These are some of the biggest events all around the country, things for you to tune into, or even go visit. Either way, if you’re a real sports fan, you won’t want to miss a bit of 2014. Bring the kids along too, who knows, it might be the start of a dream.

Healthy Living

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

I have been following a lot of local celebrities in Instagram who are into living a healthy lifestyle. They have been promoting exercise and eating healthy foods like organic meals to flush away toxins in the body.

That is why I really wanted to start a health regimen for my family also, particularly for me and my husband. I would want to start with a detoxification that is why I am on the look out for the best source for mega enzyme forte which I heard aids in detoxification and other metabolic processes.

A boxing gym will be opening up near our place too and hubby and I are looking at enrolling so we can do something fun as our form of exercise.

Hubby and I are not getting any younger so we must start now in having a healthy lifestyle if we would want to see our kids, our grandkids and even our great grand kids grow.


Sunday, October 6, 2013

I should be researching about generic viagra cost for a work that I am doing, but I can’t seem to concentrate. My friend will be going to Milan next week and she will be checking out the Outlet store near Milan. I know that prices of Prada bags in outlet stores are way much cheaper than Prada stores and she offered that she can buy me a bag if I like.

The offer is really tempting and she even said I don’t have to worry when I will pay it. LOL. She is asking me to send her the picture of the bag that I like so she can check it out. I haven’t send it to her though because I don’t know if I have a budget for it and for sure once she text me to inform me that the bag is available, I really can’t say no.

But I have until Wednesday to decide. Let’s see what decision will I come up with.