Merry Christmas

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

It is September and don’t be surprised if you will hear Christmas carols being played in the radio as Christmas here in my part of the world starts when the “BER” months kick in.

Last year, I started late with my Christmas shopping again that is why the malls are already packed and there is a long queue already in every store when I started my Christmas shopping. Hubby and I are always out doing shopping on the last few nights before Christmas to complete our list. I even thought that I have to find knee walker rental as I am so tired that I can’t find the energy to make another step to go around the crowded shopping malls.

But hopefully for this year, I will be able to start early with my shopping or at least find a good site online where I can shop.

Merry Christmas everyone and let the shopping and sprit of gift giving begins.