My Travel Charms from Pandora

Friday, August 30, 2013

Yikes, and this is really addicting. Just look at my Pandora collection now:

Well I know that the travel charms are difficult to find here in Manila and so hubby convinced me to buy it while we are there so my collection for the travel charm will be complete. My friends who are Pandora addicts also confirmed that prices in Eu are definitely cheaper than Manila prices so I am saving in a way.

The murano charms are not actually from Pandora but I saw a lot of them in Venice and they are way, way cheaper than the Pandora murano charms. At least they are original Murano from Venice even if it is not authentic Pandora. LOL.

Now that my travel collection is complete, I promise that my next purchase of Pandora charm will not be in the near future, maybe after 5 years (unless of course a special event will happen that deserves another charm. LOL).

Little Sacrifice

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A colleague will be going to Italy this coming May and she gave me a heads up a few months ago to start saving as she can buy a bag for me while she is there as she knows how much I love bags and how big I will be saving if I buy it straight from Italy.

She suggested that since she will be going to Italy, I might as well get something made in Italy for bigger savings and she recommends Prada. If only I have the money, I will ask her to get me any one of this:

But my daughter’s 8th birthday is coming and she requested for a musical instrument as our gift for her birthday so I have no extra left for a purse. We are planning to buy Roland Diatonic V-Accordion at musician's friend or a tama drum set since she is attending drum lessons now at Academy of Rock.

I am sure my Prada bag can wait and I will not think twice in giving this little sacrifice for my daughter's happiness.

How Did Halloween Witch Party Invitations Started?: The History of Halloween

Friday, August 23, 2013

Halloween is just around the corner and soon you will receive your Halloween witch party invitations and you will ask yourself, what is the history of Halloween?

Witch Invitation Wording Ideas for Halloween Party
Before the costumes and trick or treating, Halloween was believed to be a day when spirits will visit earth and talk to the living so this event has been surrounded by superstitions. This belief was influenced by the Celtics of England. The Catholics on the other hand celebrated November 1 as All Saints Day and November 2 as All Souls Day to pay respect to our departed loved ones.

But through time, this belief has evolved and has now turn into an event that we come to know now that is full of fun and merriment and is enjoyed by both kids and adults alike.

Now that you know the history of this event, I am sure you will be more than excited to plan for your own Halloween party. So start sending your Halloween party invitation with witch now which you can easily order from They can customize designs for you and can print and ship the invitations on the same day after approval.

Crazy over Pandora

Sunday, August 11, 2013

This could have been my first Pandora experience but unfortunately, malls are close in Frankfurt every Sunday.

But all is good as hubby got me my first Pandora jewelry already and I am one happy camper. Plus, I checked all our destinations and every city has a Pandora store. So now my problem is how to stop myself from hoarding all the Pandora charms in my wish list. LOL.

Find the Best Wording Ideas for your Oktoberfest Party Invites

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Are you looking for wording ideas for your Oktoberfest party invites, since October is just around the corner and it is time again for the festivities for Oktoberfest event? This is the situation of my friend now as she wants to start planning for the Oktoberfest event that they will be hosting.

Thankfully she discovered where she can order the invitations online. offers a wide selection of invitation designs and layouts and they can even customize a design for you with Oktoberfest party invitations wording, sayings, and verses of your choice.

Party Invitations Wording for Oktoberfest Celebrations
My friend is really happy as she can now start with the other details of the party, now that the invitations have been taken care of.

My Rocker Bela

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Last Sunday during Bela’s drum class, Cobi and I went inside the room to watch Bela played. Teacher asked Bela to show me what she has learned and I almost cried upon seeing her perform, which I was able to record in this video:
I was really surprise with Bela’s big improvement. She can now play the drums while following the beat of the music. This is just her 3rd month with Academy of Rock so I was really surprised with how much she has learned already.

So looks like hubby and I would really have to save so we can buy her the professional drum set similar to what she is using in school as well as audio-technica MicroSet Condenser and more so she can play and practice even when at home.

My First Pandora Charms

When hubby sent me the picture of the Pandora gift that he bought for me, I can’t help but feel excited as I am really eager to find out what charm he bought for me. He was actually asking what charm I want but I told him to surprise me.

So what’s inside the box?

The Sagrada Familia and Eiffel Tower charm. I love it. Finally I can now start keeping memories with my Pandora bracelet and now I know why my friends are all saying that this is very addicting.

Becoming a More Intelligent Shopper

It can be thrilling to discover bargains online, particularly when you know that you have managed to save yourself a considerable amount of money. From electronics to gifts, there is often scope to spend that bit less.

It’s also fair to say, however, that some of us are frequently left with the suspicion that it should be possible to find those great deals on a more regular basis. When we hear others boasting about seemingly exotic travel arrangements, we may wonder why we aren’t able to make the same progress.

In part, such failings are simply a reflection of the fact that we aren’t using all of the tools that are at our disposal. By shifting our approach and learning from previous mistakes, it becomes that bit easier to learn more about shopping in an effective fashion.

Allow time for shopping

One of the main points that I would make is that it’s far easier to get great deals, if you allow enough time for the shopping process. By assuming that you can leave everything until the last minute, however, you are almost inevitably asking for trouble.

It seems to me that this is particularly true in the case of gift shopping, where too many of us are left buying last minute birthday gifts for loved ones. The end result often involves disappointing choices too, even if friends and relatives are too kind to display their true feelings about our selections.

The key to success here is to find a store that sells a reliable range of products. There are plenty to choose from, including a number of stores online. By sticking with those who are specialists and can be trusted, you’ll find that it’s perfectly possible to get great results.

Compare prices every time

You may be in the habit of looking to compare prices, prior to making large purchases. That’s certainly a great habit to adopt, but there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t use the same process every time you want to buy something.

The truth is that this is much easier to achieve, when you are shopping online. In a matter of seconds, you can quickly examine the prices that are offered by a wide variety of retailers.

By doing so, you’ll soon discover that it’s possible to make savings on an extremely large range of items. Although each of the individual savings may not seem to amount to much, the overall impact will be that you are spending much less than you would have done otherwise.

Talk to friends

This section should also perhaps mention the impact of social media, given that many of us find out about bargains via Facebook and Twitter. However you prefer to interact with friends, remember that many of them will be a good source for information. By listening to how others are finding great deals, you can aim to mimic their record of success.

When it comes to shopping, we all have the ability to learn more. As a more informed shopper, you will make better choices.

Author Bio Keith Barrett enjoys shopping and offering advice to others. He writes for Engraving-Excellence and is constantly looking for stores that offer lower prices on a broad range of products.

Finally, My Pandora

Finally, my very own Pandora bracelet:

I have long wanted to own a Pandora bracelet. What I love about it is that it is a good way to keep those precious memories as each charm that you put in your bracelet has a meaning and can represent a special event or person in your life.

So you can just imagine how happy and excited I got when hubby showed me this picture. I don’t know yet what charm he got for me. I told him to just surprise me because whatever charm he selected, it will always have a special meaning for me as it is my first charm and he was the one who chose it.

Thanks again dad for this beautiful gift. I think I have to look for flat panel stands as this is what hubby wants to make up for this special gift that he got for me.

For my Work Out

A friend recommended to me the 30-Day shred workout video of the famous Jillian Michaels. It is a 20 minute workout and it guarantees that one will lose weight in 30 days.

I have tried it at home and looks like this is the work out that will work best for me since I can do it at the convenience of my own home so I don’t have to bother going to the gym and it only takes 20 minutes.

The work out requires the use if dumbles and this is what I got: 

Happy that it comes in my favorite color too.

Kids wear: Few Tips to dress your kids in Style

The silky soft hair, the adorable smile and the tiny fingers – your kid is the cutest to you, and understandably you want to show him or her off in front of others. Follow the trends set by the kids of popular celebrities to help you out.

For the adamant ones – dressing your kid stylishly may prove to be difficult when he or she is adamant about wearing the neon green shirt with a pair of red pants – a combination that very very few people can pull off. For such kids, try and make your kids learn about complimenting colors and choose neutral colors while you shop, at least until your kid is grown up enough to realize what fashion is.

Colors – A kid with his vibrant personality and charming smile, can’t be dressed in dull clothes every time. Experiment with different colors and choose the ones that suit the best. Whether it’s a bright red or a classy black – each color will suit your kid depending on what you pair it with. Dress your kid up in clothes that are comfortable and suit your kid.

For a day out – In the summer, if your kid is out for a picnic or on a play date, dress him in a cool cotton t-shirt and a pair of colorful shorts. Jeans never go out of fashion, although the styles keep changing. Remember denim can make him uncomfortable while he runs around in the hot sun, so avoid jeans for the summer times. In winter, bundle them up in coats and warm and colorful mufflers to keep them warm. Avoid bright flashy colors, unless you are absolutely sure your kid can carry it off. Till then, let them appear bright in their colorful ski caps, boots, coats and gloves.

For an event – Special events like birthdays, weddings or any other occasion requires your kid to dress up appropriately. It’s time to ditch the everyday clothing and suit up! Put your little one in a tux or simply a formal shirt with some dress pants. Let your little girl choose the pretty frock she wants to wear for the occasion.

Accessories – Little accessories like a belt or a cool watch or maybe a pair of sneakers with some color on it can do wonders for your boy. Accessorize your little girl with some earrings, headbands or some cute bracelet.
Author's Bio: Sophie Samuel is a blogger from London in UK. She loves kids and therefore loves to write articles related to children. As a single mother, she took up writing as her profession to meet the educational expenses of her kids and the family. She says that child support agency has helped her much in upbringing her kids and she recommends the same to any single parent looking for guidance. For any guidance during emergency situations regarding her children, she calls in the child support contact number for assistance.