Getting to Know the Men on The Bachelorette

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

America’s favorite summer time drama returned to television Memorial Day weekend, and after just three episodes it has delivered all the drama, machismo, and ridiculousness that viewers could hope for. The Bachelorette launched a new season on Monday 27 May with Los Angeles-based bridal stylist Desiree Hartsock’s heart up for grabs.

As with every season of America’s favorite love search, this year’s Bachelorette has 25 eligible bachelors vying for her heart. Desiree’s suitors run the gamut from sociable and kind to devilishly cocky, and early on it can be difficult to tell them apart as they all jostle for position in the pecking order. Let’s take a moment and get to know a few of the more talked about gentleman seen by millions on national television, satellite, and online TV services such as each week.

Zak W.

We’ll call him simply Zak since the spelling of his name alone sets him apart from the other Zack. From the opening moments of the first episode this guy made a splash with his quirky attitude and frequent nudity during his introduction clip. Unlike the other fellows, Zak showed up in person on night one not in a nice suit and tie, but instead wearing his best shoes, slacks, and no shirt.

Zak’s approach was no doubt to showcase his well-toned appearance, but it came off as quirky. Three weeks in however, he is around and kicking and finally getting a chance to mingle with Desiree more.

Drew (27, Digital Marketing Analyst)

Drew seems to have it all. He’s a good looking fellow who has female viewers buzzing, he’s in shape, and most importantly appears to be a genuine individual on a show well-known for bringing out some of society’s more despicable characters. He’s done little to stand out from the crowd to date, but his confidence is evident and being genuine can sometimes be a deal-breaker on these shows.

Brooks (28, Marketing Consultant)

Brooks was another guy, like Drew, that came off as genuine and cute right off the bat. Female viewers seem to be enamored with him, as is Desiree, but he does have a goofy side that could serve him well or be his downfall. For some there is a fine line between goofy and just aloof. Brooks’ highlight to date was a broken finger suffered in a Bachelor’s dodge ball game in episode 3.

Not one to let a little ER time keep him down, Brooks managed to get over the pain and leave the hospital to rejoin the group date he left, showing determination to spend time with the Bachelorette. However, it didn’t appear to win him any points as he was not awarded the rose from the group date.

Bryden (26, US Army Soldier and Iraq War Veteran)

Bryden appears to be the complete package, all-American boy. He hunts, loves the outdoors, and has served his country in the War on Terror. He has a clean cut, humble appearance and plays the good boy very well. Desiree seems taken with him, but his downfall could be his lack of aggressive nature. Though not put off by it yet, Desiree has had to lead him into any intimate moments before he kicks it into gear. We’ll count it as nerves for now.

James/Michael G./Mikey T. (27, Advertising Exec; 33, Federal Prosecutor; 30, Plumbing contractor – respectively)

Call it cheating if you must, but it is easy to group these three guys together and impossible to skip them. All three gentleman are playing the “nice guy” card well and in addition to having an attraction for the Bachelorette they appear to have a nice little bromance going, no doubt built upon their shared experiences dominating weight rooms.

These three gents manage to be best of friends while vying for the same woman’s heart, and it doesn’t hurt that friendship that they appear to have a mutual hatred of the final bachelor we’ll cover. Each week seems to bring a new confrontation between these three and Ben.

Ben (28, Entrepreneur)

Ben won the heart of nearly every woman watching, and earned a first impression rose from Desiree, the moment he stepped out of the limo with his young son dressed in a suit alongside him. His move was admirable, he wanted to show the Bachelorette who he was and why he was there, to find someone to be the mother in his little family.

From that point on however, Ben has been viewed as a bit of pariah by the other bachelors and some viewers. He has exhibited some deceitful tendencies and is not honest with the guys in the house. On the one hand, he was right when he said he’s not there to make friends with the other guys. On the other, most contestants on previous shows who appear deceitful don’t usually end up coming out looking like great people.

The Bachelorette airs each week on Monday evenings beginning at 8pm ET, so don’t forget to tune in and catch all the drama as it unfolds. Follow Desiree’s search for love and see how far each of these men will go to win her heart.

Angela Cullum loves to watch primetime television. An avid blogger, she posts mainly on entertainment sites.

Our Baby is Home

Thursday, July 25, 2013

When I got pregnant with Bela, hubby bought a Labrador puppy. But as she grew bigger and we have limited space at home and we realized having a puppy is not good if we have a baby in the house, we decided to bring her to our house in Bulacan.

When I got pregnant with our second child, hubby bought a second Labrador and she too stayed in Bulacan. Unfortunately, our care taker was not able to take good care of our dogs that our second Labrador died and we were only informed when her condition was worse already.

Hubby got really mad because our dogs are like family to us too so he immediately rented a jeepney to bring our remaining lab, Sassy, back home.

She was in really bad shape when she arrived but hopefully her condition will get better.

Back to Online Shopping

Friday, July 19, 2013

I can’t remember the last time I shopped for myself. Funny because I was looking at my Instagram account and I have been following a number of online sellers selling accessories, dresses, bags, shoes and more. I browsed through their collection everyday but I never ordered anything.

But I was in the mood for shopping today and I so I got myself this printed top from Old Navy:

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I will make the deposit tomorrow and hopefully I will receive the blouse early next week. #simplejoys

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Sunday, July 7, 2013

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