Cheat Day

Sunday, June 30, 2013

We are meeting balikbayan friends and as always, we are taking them to our favorite restaurant, Casa Roces.

I am on a diet but since it is a special day and we are dining in our favorite resto, so I am treating this as my cheat day and just look at what we are having for dessert:

Turon A la mode
Malacanang Souffle
Chocolate cake

Who can resist these yummy temptations?

Great Ideas for a Girls' Night In

Friday, June 28, 2013

Staying in is the new going out - at least that's what we're telling ourselves since times are tough and a evening on the tiles could cost as much as a budget flight and a weekend in a lovely European city.

That's not to say staying in has to be boring, in fact there are plenty of brilliantly fun things you can do with some mates and the right entertainment. What's more, it needn't cost and arm and a leg and if you're the host you have the advantage of being able to crawl into your bed whenever you please.

Here are some ideas for a great night in with the girls.

Navigate the net

There's no end to the fun you can have if you take to the internet and utilise some of the brilliant services on offer. Take karaoke for example, some websites offer access to a whole library of songs, complete with lyrics, for a small one-off payment. But if you'd rather not pay anything, YouTube can serve the same purpose. Simply type in the song you want into the search bar then add the work karaoke at the end - hey presto! Girls Just Want to Have Fun plus lyrics could be one to start you and the girls on your merry way.

Rather than spending cash on your night in, how about trying to win some? Free online bingo games are easy to play and come with the real chance of winning a jackpot - give it a go for your chance of winning a jackpot, while having a whole lot of fun at the same time.

Chick flick marathon

For once you don't have to twist someone's arm to sit through Dirty Dancing, Cocktail and/or Top Gun with you. Make the most of your best female company, stick on these great flicks and indulge in the power of a good love story with some great ballads to sing along to at the same time.

Indulge in a spa

Who needs a professional when you can get lots of lovely products and set up your own spa evening at home. Stock up on face and eye masks - or even better make your own from scratch. Mixing honey, lemon juice, olive oil and sugar helps to remove dead skin, while brightening your complexion at the same time.

Get the ladies to bring their favourite nail colours and swap with each other for fun manicures and pedicures - this is pampering on the cheap but there's no reason why you can't sup on some red wine while you're going about it - it is full of antioxidants after all.

Clothes swap

Clothes swapping parties should be top of the list of events for every savvy fashionista - they're free, they're fun and they're addictive!

Work to the mantra that one woman's junk is another woman's treasure and don't be shy about offloading forgotten clothes from the back of your wardrobe - after all, someone might just love that faded grey sweatshirt you used to wear to the gym. Games night

Add some competition to the evening with an Olympics style games night - let everyone come up with a different pursuit, choose a country to represent and take it from there.

You could have poker, Scrabble, rounders... anything! But adding a competitive element to proceedings will definitely make it more fun. Have prizes for gold, silver and bronze and don't forget to toast the winner with a glass of bubbly.

On Weekends, Shopping Malls and Drum Lessons

I love weekends. And one of the reason why I love Saturday is I am able to go out with my family. Our Saturday is always busy because we have to take Bela to her Kumon class and then to Rockwell for her drum lessons.

Well aside from the fact that I love going to shopping malls even if it is just for window shopping, I enjoyed seeing my daughter enjoy her drum class.

She has been attending drum class for two months now and we enrolled her for another month because we can see how much our daughter is enjoying it. I was also able to talk to Bela’s teacher and he had seen great improvement with Bela and that he thinks that Bela really has a good potential.

Bela really have a passion for music and I am pretty sure when she master drums, she will look for Altus Flutes at WWBW or any other instruments like violin as she would really be interested to learn how to play all of these musical instruments.

His and Hers: Kor Water Bottles

Oh I so love this His and Hers Kor water bottles that I got for me and hubby:

I really wanted to buy a water bottle for us as we just had our annual checkup and the doctor recommended that we drink at least 8 glasses of water a day which hubby and I fail to do. Hubby said that his office is far from the water refilling station that is why he is so lazy to leave the office to get water. The same is true for my case, so hubby requested that we get water bottles to solve this situation.

And just the perfect timing as one of my friends gave me a heads up of the Memorial Day Sale exactly 30 minutes before the sale ends and so we were able to make our last minute purchase. Would you believe that we got this Kor Water bottle at 50% off.

Hubby and I bring our water bottle to work every day so we can maintain the required 8 glasses of water that our body needs every day.

Meet my Talented Little Boy

Have you met my rock star?
This is my youngest son Cobi and yes he loves to sing and dance just like his dad (never mind the dance part for Howell, as this is not his area of expertise. LOL). I got surprised one day when we were in the car and he knows the lines to the songs of famous pop star like One Direction, Maroon 5, Justin Bieber and more.

Lemon Water Craze

Yes, I have joined the band wagon and I have been doing the lemon water therapy for 2 weeks now.

Almost all my friends are doing it as it is a good way to detox and lose weight and thankfully, one of my friends gave me a week supply of lemons.

It is just easy to do. You just need to squeeze half of the lemon and mix it with 1 cup of warm water and drink it early in the morning before eating or drinking anything else. It is very easy so I think this is something that I can maintain as one of my health regimen.

Well I hope it works for me as I really wanted to loose at least 10 pounds of my weight.

Thankful for my Parents

Monday, June 10, 2013

It is the start of the school year again for my daughter tomorrow and my youngest will be going to school also starting next week. Since my husband and I are both working, my parents will be the one to take them to school and fetch them everyday.

I am very grateful that my parents volunteered to do this for our kids. If not, it is either one of us will have to resign from work or our kids will take school bus, which is something that we don’t like since they will have to wake up earlier than usual as school bus will pick them up early.

My husband will be arriving from his temporary duty next week and we agreed that we will treat our parents out for a weekend vacation as we know that they will be the one who will be super busy with our kids. I am also planning to buy monster mash-up cigar for my dad.

I am lucky to have parents like them who are wholeheartedly helping us raise our kids.

New Baby in the House

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Look at the new baby in the house:

This is the birthday gift of my sister’s boyfriend to her. Everybody was excited. We used to have 2 shih tzu puppies but they both died because of old age so you can just imagine how happy we all are to see another shih tzu at home.

I saw my friend’s post in Instagram about the best memory foam cat beds so I asked her where she got it so we can shop for foam beds for our new baby too.

This is one of Bela’s dreams pet also so I am sure everybody will be busy taking care of the new addition in our family.

Pandora Memory Keeping Project

Hubby knows how much I wanted to own a Pandora bracelet that is why last Mother’s Day, hubby offered to buy me one as their mother’s day gift to me. We were at Greenbelt 5 that time and I actually don’t know if they have a branch there but unfortunately, there is no Pandora store at Greenbelt 5.

The next day, we were at Rockwell and I am pretty sure that they have a Pandora kiosk there but to my surprise, the kiosk was nowhere to be found. Hubby asked the information and we were told that it was just a temporary exhibit.

My friends told me that Pandora is cheaper in Duty Free and they have wider selections than in store. So hubby promised that when he goes back, we will go to Duty Free so I can finally own my Pandora.

It is 2 weeks away from now. I really can’t wait. Just look at some of the charms that I like for my Pandora memory keeping project: