Knot Thing for Handmade Fashionable Accessories

Saturday, March 30, 2013

My sister has launched her online store in Instagram, @knot_thing, where she sells handmade fashionable accessories. Here are some of the items on her online store:

She personally designed and hand made all the fashion accessories that she sells on her store so you can be guaranteed of the quality of these accessories.

Follow her on Instagram @knot_thing or send her an email for orders and inquiries.

Looking for a Car on a Budget?

Looking for a new car that’s right on your budget

Looking for a new car? Or used cars perhaps? Well, can and will provide what you are looking for in cars! They’ve got almost all the units of Honda, Toyota and for sure, lots of different auto brands to choose from depending on your wants and definitely your needs.

Example is Honda accord which is known to be a best seller brand of Honda. It’s specification can really amaze any and every individual who will try to use it. ? Actually they have vast brands to choose from depending on your need. Do you know that Neil Huffman is a car dealer company that offers such awesome used cars for everyone different states.They are serving Kentucky and Arizona as well and this company is really good at car maintenance so whether you decide to purchase a second hand unit from them, you’ll have the guarantee that you are getting a well-maintained and well-functioning car. Their service department is also offering oil change coupons to serve their customers in a much cheaper price so be sure to look at their service coupon page. Are you now ready to purchase your new pre-owned car? Browse the given website today and see how true I am.

Prada Tessuto is Love

Friday, March 29, 2013

This is definitely the next bag on my wish list:

Yes, just in my wish list for now as I don’t really have an extra budget for a purse. I first saw this in person in in Shang-Mactan and I really fell in love with it. Then one of my colleagues from work got this beauty also and I just drool every time I see it. LOL.

So this picture goes to my vision board and I know someday, I will be able to save for this bag (maybe when hubby wins the lotto.). LOL.

For my New Business

Thursday, March 28, 2013

I have been selling stuff online for more than a year now. I mostly sell authentic branded bags and watches supplied by my friend from the US. The business was doing well but my clientele was only limited to my set of friends and colleagues who regularly buys from me.

Then my supplier suggested, why not set up an online store so I can widen the scope of my clients? She said that she will continue supplying me with items that I can sell online so I will have more products to sell on my online store.

I have been earning from this sideline work and I must admit that it had provided a good way for me to earn extra money. That is why I really liked her business proposal to me so I did some research and I discovered the site of They are an expert when it comes to e-commerce so they will be able to help me on how to sell online.

They have tools that I can use to start setting up my e-commerce site with their easy to use and customizable store-front designer, they also have an online product catalogue where I can add my items for sale plus they provide a secure shopping experience for my clients.

I can’t wait to get my business up and running. Wish me luck.

New Items For Sale: Gucci, Anne Klein, DKNY

Sunday, March 24, 2013

We have new items in our inventory from bags to watches and here are some of them:

Gucci Hobo bag

DKNY Two-tone watch

Anne Klein Two-tone watch

Items are guaranteed to be 100% original/authentic or your money back guarantee. These just arrived from the US last week so better get them now as items sell really fast.

Email me @ or leave a comment here for more details.

For my iPhone

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Mobile phones nowadays are more than just a luxury. We use it for a lot of things: for work as we can use it to check our mails; for communication as we depend on our mobile phones on a day to day basis to send SMS or for voice calls; to socialize as we can use it to connect to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social networking sites and a whole lot more.

That is why I don’t mind investing on a good model of mobile phones because I know I will use it extensively. But since I will maximize its use, I also want to make sure that I will have the right accessories to protect it and prolong its life.

Thankfully, I have discovered phone covers from Wireless Emporium. I just love their website as it is very user friendly. It is organized by brand like Apple, Samsung, Nokia, etc or by category like cellphones and tablets, covers and faceplates, batteries, chargers and more so I can easily find what I am looking for. They even offer free same day shipping and 90-day no hassle returns. My favorite is their “Design your own cover” section where I can customize my own cover for my phone.

Check them out now if you need accessories for your mobile phones.

Do Not Restrict the Valentine Day Cards for Romantic Love Only

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Valentine’s Day is celebrated all over the world on the fourteenth day February as a day for exchanging gifts and small tokens to convey love and affections between friends and lovers. From the beginning of twentieth century handmade and printed cards are being used as an easy-way to express love and other emotions to the near and dear ones and Valentine day greeting has gradual increase of popularity due to world-wide acceptability. Though Valentine’s Day cards are mostly exchanged between romantic lovers, it can be exchanged between any loved relationship, among friends or members of family.

Valentine’s Day has its own significance as the day of love and flowers, chocolates and cards are exchanged between romantic lovers to commemorate the legendary love and sacrifice of Saint Valentine. However, the story of St. Valentine has no historical truth and also it has various versions in different times and places. It should be a great idea not to restrict the Valentine’s Day between romantic lovers, but to open it for all kinds of loving relationship as Saint Valentine showed love and compassion for the whole mankind.

Sending Valentine’s Day card is a nice way to communicate with someone and express the untold love. The lovers who are steady in a relationship celebrate the Valentine’s Day in their own way. They can go for a date to some restaurant, park or movie theatre or simply meet with each other to exchange special gifts. The cards have special significance to the people who are in long distance relationship. Traditional handmade cards and paper-printed cards are now being replaced by e-cards as it is easy and cheap to send them online. The cards can also be personalized to give them special touch.

In modern world, relationships have become more complicated and there are many single people in this world who are suffering from loneliness. Many young men and women have gone through bitter experience of broken relationship and they might feel more distressed and neglected when they found others around them are busy in celebrating Valentine’s Day. You can create new trend if you include your lonely friends in your celebration. You can also change the perspective of Valentine’s Day if you celebrate the day with your grandparents in old age home. You will feel much pleasure and satisfaction if you can distribute your love and kindness among all who are in need for love and care.

Make a plan of celebrating the Valentine’s Day in a unique way and make arrangement ahead of time. Buy Valentine’s Day cards and gifts for your single friends or parents and grandparents. Invite them to have a dinner with you. You can book a table in a restaurant or might simply enjoy homemade cooking in a candle-lit dining table. You might also want to invite your lonely neighbours to join with you. Ask and pursue your lover to take part in the whole celebration with them. If possible, share some responsibility with him/her so that your partner is able to feel the special importance and respect you bear for your special friend.

Give a new meaning to the celebration of the Valentine’s Day this year. Distribute the Valentines cards among your friends, neighbours and family members and you will be able to enjoy the celebration in a selfless happier way.

Author’s Bio: Barbara Jones is the designer and chief content developer for the cards made for different occasions. She has much inclination for drawing cartoons and animations and has a diploma in web designing and animation. Barbara’s passion is making cards with new ideas, which are different from traditional customs. Visit for buying valentine’s cards designed by Barbara.

Organizational Leadership and Its Importance

Every group, be it a small organization or a big conglomerate, rely heavily on good leadership. Organizations are built on leadership and when there is good leadership in place, a company will succeed in all activities that it undertakes, retains employees and experiences growth. In fact, no company or organization can survive and thrive in the lack of efficient organizational leadership.

There is the need to have that delicate balance between understanding employee needs and organizational goals. A good leader will have employees who are satisfied with working with the organization and feel they contribute to the organization’s growth and accomplishments. This trait of leadership can learned, honed and studied. This is why employers invest in their supervisors and managers, sending them to leadership seminars and encouraging them to pursue a master’s degree in organizational leadership.

What is Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership?
The Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership is multidisciplinary and focuses more on people and organization issues, less on business topics such as finance, accounting and marketing. For example, in Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership, you will take courses in psychology and philosophy as well as courses in business and management. The Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership is intended for those who are already established in a career – people with rank, executives, CEOs, etc. In contrast, those who are preparing to enter the world of work or change careers often seek a Masters in Business Administration/Management degree. The degree program is appealing to business people in well-established careers already.

Pursuing a masters of organizational leadership degree will equip the managers with skills and education for running different fields of business. The learners' natural talents are strengthened and they also learn more about behaviors of human. Understanding how humans behave is the very great thing any manager will desire to know, since it is through that, when they are able to make changes that will not meet opposition from the employees as well as ensuring that they are satisfied with what they are doing. The training gives learners a foundation in leadership, behavior and business governance in general.

Masters in Organizational Leadership Curriculum
The Organizational Leadership program curriculum covers core areas of leadership-- theory, research, strategy, and current topics and trends—and offers Leadership and Interdisciplinary specialization for more in-depth studies of key concepts. Other areas of study include:

• The concepts of stewardship and servant leadership
• Critical thinking and research methods
• Multicultural and gender issues
• The social context of leadership
• Intra- and inter-organizational structure, dynamics, and processes

Once a leader graduates from this program, he is guaranteed to face the business world not only as a professional leader but as a person who is able to interpret and understand human personalities and behavior. This will help him lead more effectively.

About the Author: Setting a goal for her career to be a leader in her chosen field, Martha Blythe has decided to pursue an online mba degree and once promoted to a higher rank in office, she plans to take Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership.

The Benefits of a School Trip to Washington DCTr

Are you considering whether or not it is a good idea to organise a school trip to Washington DC? This kind of trip would actually have a myriad of benefits for students. This article will outline some of these benefits.

Taking students on a school trip to Washington DC might seem like a big ordeal, but it could be very educational. Children learn much better outside of a classroom environment and they are unlikely to forget a trip to the American capital. These are just a handful of the advantages of going on a trip to Washington DC.

Learn About Government:
Washington DC is the seat of the US government. It is the home of the White House and also of the House of Representatives and the Senate. In addition, the Supreme Court is found in Washington DC. On school trips to Washington DC, you will be able to teach your students more about the branches of US government and the systems of checks and balances in place within their system of government. You could take a tour of the White House and you might even be able to arrange a meeting with a senator.

Learn About History:
Washington DC is also a very historic city. It was here that all the US presidents lived and that important historical decisions were made and announced. Get your students to think about all the historically relevant events that happened here and discuss anything interesting that they come up with. You will even be able to see the original documents of the Constitution, Declaration of Independence and the Emancipation Proclamation. Talk about the history of these documents and what they meant for America.

Experience a Different Culture:
Young people can learn a lot simply by being immersed in a country and culture different to their own. The main thing is just to let it all sink in, as your students will learn a lot about American life this way. If, however, you notice anything particularly unusual or relevant to American culture, then do point it out. You can even talk about simple issues such as American differences in spelling and grammar. You will, however, probably find some bigger and more important cultural differences to discuss.

Exposure to the Arts:
Apart from New York, Washington DC may have the best collections of art found in any US city. Even if your students don't study art, it is still extremely culturally relevant and an important thing to take in and learn about. The Freer Gallery, Sackler Gallery and the Museum of American Art are all part of the Smithsonian. You should also take a look at the National Gallery of Art and the Phillips Collection.

There really are many benefits to going on a trip to Washington DC. It's unlikely that you would have a hard time to convince students to sign up for the trip, either. It is a magnificent city, with a lot to offer young people.

AUTHOR BIO Della is a seasoned educational writer. She frequently pens educational articles for a number of print publications and website. Della is a great proponent of educational holidays and thinks that school trips to Washington DC are a great idea.

AI Season 12

Thursday, March 7, 2013

I’m away from home for 4 days for work and I know it will be a though 4 days for me as I am not used to being away from my husband and kids. But just like what my friends had advised me, I better just make the most out of it and that’s what I have been doing.

I am staying in a hotel and so I am enjoying the perks of having the bed all to myself, since back home, my husband and I sleep together in one bed with our two kids. And the one thing that I am having so much fun is having the time to watch the different shows that I am missing.(Simple perks like this is what a working mom can really appreciate.)

Just like American Idol season 12. I love this show and I was surprised to find out that they have new judges in the person of Nicki Minaj, Keith Urban, Mariah Carey. Well I don’t really care about Nikki and Mariah but Keith is just oh so good looking. LOL. 
 I heard the performances of the Top 12 for the girls. I don’t have a talent for singing. Even just holding the sm7b just gives me the nerves so I salute these girls as they really did gave a good show for all the fans.

I can’t wait to catch it later to watch the boys perform this time.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Candy Buffet for Sweet Royals

Hooray for February and thankful for another booking for Sweet Royals. I was out of the country during the event, unfortunately, because I wanted to be there as the mom of the celebrant is a co-wawie so it would have been a good time for an instant EB. But anyways, the event is still in good hands as my sister and brother in law was there for the setup and during the party.

It was a Mickey Mouse clubhouse theme for our candy buffet setup for Jade Kevin's 1st birthday and just look at how the setup turned out:

We will have 2 events this March and 2 more bookings for April so we are really excited preparing for these parties.

Few Latest Fashion Updates for 2013

2013 is another chance for the world to see the latest fashions walk the international runways. Designer garments bearing the Steve McQueen, Prada and Mark Jacobs label are definitely attracting attention. This year there are many newer fashion designers who are gaining popularity for their bold use of colors and textiles.

Expect to see some of those classic silhouettes being tweaked and recycled to create unusual looks. There will be clothing which may well redefine how leather, linen and satin can be manipulated into dresses, jackets and skirts. This year many of the newest fashions combine style elements of the 50s and 60s. With careful planning the designers have managed to keep their latest offerings fresh and intriguing while still including a bit of nostalgic reference.

The use of delicate fabrics is making it possible for top designers to bring strong lines and structured form to the runway. Sleek, straight lines are a dominant trend being seen with the 2013 fashions. The lightweight textures add softness and femininity to the garments. This tempers the severe architectural influences of the design aesthetics.

Soft shoulders are another technique that designers are utilizing in this year's fashions. The rounding and shaping of shoulder fabric helps emphasize the cut and style of the garment while highlighting the feminine appeal.

A-line skirts will remain a fashion staple for summer and spring of 2013. This year some of these skirts will feature vivid vertical stripes, outrageous prints and checkerboard designs.

Jewel toned colors are very popular with the major designers. The colors of the fabric are being highlighted with bejeweled accessories. Expect to see a variety of jeweled accents on hats, belts, handbags and shoes.

The newest take on the Goth inspired styles could make anyone feel as though they were preparing to take the stage at Adelphi Theatre. One avant-garde look that hit the Spring Runway in Paris was definitely inspired by the gowns worn during the Elizabethan Age. The choker collar, nipped-in waist and structured underpinning at the hips create an exaggerated silhouette that spurs images of some of the early English queens.

Bold sunny yellow, mint green and rich hues of blue and red are echoed in the collections of many leading fashion designers. Contrasting colors such as black and white or pink and black are also making a runway splash. The sharper the contrast in colors the more fashion-forward the garment is in appearance.

Unique prints are also overshadowing those animal prints of past years. Textile manipulation is opening new doors for fashion designers. This is one way that a designer can clearly show an innovative style perspective. It is obvious that 2013 is going to be a success for major fashion houses as well as for newer designers who are just beginning to introduce their creations to the world.

About me : This guest post is written by Angelina Lawson on Behalf of Boxoffice London, aspiring filmmaker and collector of super hero memorabilia! She also enjoy cooking and occasionally, sketching.she does research on London Theatre like Adelphi Theatre.You can find more about her at