Happiness at 32

Friday, November 29, 2013

Last Tuesday, I had a girl’s night out with my friends to celebrate Trinity’s 32nd birthday.

She booked Sophie’s mom exclusively for us and it was really a fun night filled with good food and good friends. I talk to them almost every day via Viber but we rarely get a chance to see each other personally that often so you can just imagine how noisy we were as we try to catch on each other’s life. We were talking about almost everything that you can imagine and we were laughing our hearts out that I literally had a tummy ache from too much laughing.

We were teasing the birthday celebrant that we should buy sexy dancewear next time and we will have a sexy all-girls night out party, but we have to find a more private venue next time. LOL.

Thanks again Trin for a very fun night and Happy, Happy Birthday. #happinessat32