Sunday, October 6, 2013

I should be researching about generic viagra cost for a work that I am doing, but I can’t seem to concentrate. My friend will be going to Milan next week and she will be checking out the Outlet store near Milan. I know that prices of Prada bags in outlet stores are way much cheaper than Prada stores and she offered that she can buy me a bag if I like.

The offer is really tempting and she even said I don’t have to worry when I will pay it. LOL. She is asking me to send her the picture of the bag that I like so she can check it out. I haven’t send it to her though because I don’t know if I have a budget for it and for sure once she text me to inform me that the bag is available, I really can’t say no.

But I have until Wednesday to decide. Let’s see what decision will I come up with.