Plan For Renovation

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Hubby has been bugging me if we can start the renovation that we’ve been planning for months already in our house in the province. We really wanted to make some changes, especially with our guest rooms because we are thinking to spend a short vacation with my friends next summer.

We actually ordered some equipment, tools like the reid supply knobs and some floor tiles last month but we haven’t used it them yet. We talked to my uncle who is an architect to seek help with regard to the designs that can be done and other materials that we will need for the renovation. He made a layout of the house already and all that we have to do is to hire the staff for the entire production.

We haven’t finalized the time schedule yet because we are still busy. My daughter will be celebrating her birthday this November so we are kind of busy with all the preparations. But then, we are aiming to start at least the 2nd half of December so that the workers will have enough time to finish everything.