Easy Tips to Give your Company a Brand Personality

Thursday, October 31, 2013

A company is much like a person. Each company has its own specific personality, defined not only by the way they look, but also by the way they operate and the services or products they deliver. A brand personality is something that every company already has, the key it to find it and make it shine.

The Identity

Even if you think your company has no personality or you feel like you don’t know how to improve the company’s perception, every company has the building blocks for a great brand personality. When it comes to identifying what personality your company has, or should have, start by considering attributes that are important to the way your company operates. Consider questions such as: is your company corporate or more personable, more modern and cutting edge, traditional or established, is it all-inclusive or exclusive, is it fun or more serious? Once you have established the attributes you value in your company you can use them to form an identity, which will dictate your branding.

The Voice

Although it is important for your company’s identity to be immediately evident, the verbal or intellectual content is also important. Much of you brand personality will be dictated by what you say and how you say it. Make sure your brand has a clean, clear-cut message that people will remember. This does not have to be a slogan, but rather focus on the positive attributes of your company and display them through careful word choice. If you company is serious, traditional and exclusive, ensure that all your written content, from business cards to online text, demonstrates this to the consumer.

The Aesthetic

Your brand’s visual presence comes last and is used to wrap up your brand into a unified and articulate package. Similar to your brand’s voice, your brand’s aesthetic, should also be dictated by your company’s identify. It is important to realise that every visual element matters, from your choice in colour scheme, to your choice in typeface. A serious traditional company should not use big, bright, bold or contemporary design and should rather use a classic colour scheme with a more serious choice in typeface, and an overall elegance to the design. If your company has an online presence, make sure that it is cohesive. Consumers respond well to companies that seem to have a unified digital and physical presence, so remember to make your physical presence equally as attractive as your digital presence.

Finding and perfecting your company’s identity, voice and aesthetic, are easy ways to improve your brand presence. If you are just starting out, these tips will help guide your choices and formulate a stronger and more cohesive brand personality. If you are looking for inspiration or assistance there is a lot available online. There are also companies that specialist in holistic company branding; visit www.tuprojects.com to find out more.

By Grace Patterson