5 Biggest Sporting Events Planned for 2014

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

With the New Year only a few months away there’s a good opportunity for spectacle on the plate for sports fans. There are all kinds of events from all around the world and something for everyone. Some of the most reputable and classic sporting events in the world are coming around again. Here are just five of the things you can look forward to. So dust off the merchandise and get ready to represent.

Winter Olympics

Straight from the freezing depths of Sochi, Russia comes the Winter Olympics. While it doesn’t quite get the publicity of the summer event there’s some real skill and spectacle to be made when the best show their best on ice. Sure it might not be something Australia has much of a chance in, but if you want to take a look at some of the more advanced tricks and skills you need to check this out.

Commonwealth Games

From the counterpart of the Olympics to its younger brother, the Commonwealth games may not be quite the spectacle that the Olympics is, since countries like China and the US will sadly not be making an appearance, but it is still a great spectacle of athleticism and national pride. With the US gone there may be some actual doubt who’s going to win. So throw up some national colours and enjoy the game.

FIFA World Cup

Many a young soccer fan has been persuaded to lace up some boots, pick up a ball and head out onto the field by this event and 2014 should be no exception. It’s a tough competition and while Australia may not win, it’s still inspiring to watch our team go as far as we can. Australia lost to the team that won last time. Who knows? Maybe you’ll want to pick up some boots from a store, or a website like this website and get into the sport yourself.


Tennis’s ultimate event is Wimbledon. The finest tennis players from all around the world in one place attempting to show the world who the top dog is. Show up for one game or all of them and see the best take on the best. The winner of this tournament, is the greatest tennis player in the world, that’s got to be worth a look.

Italian Grand Prix

From man to motor, the Italian Grand Prix has the distinction of being the only sport on this list most people can’t afford to participate in. Watching the sheer speed, exhilaration and power behind these engines makes this a sporting event not to be missed. Sheer incredible power and speed of their engines running, should do the same to yours. 

These are some of the biggest events all around the country, things for you to tune into, or even go visit. Either way, if you’re a real sports fan, you won’t want to miss a bit of 2014. Bring the kids along too, who knows, it might be the start of a dream.