My Travel Charms from Pandora

Friday, August 30, 2013

Yikes, and this is really addicting. Just look at my Pandora collection now:

Well I know that the travel charms are difficult to find here in Manila and so hubby convinced me to buy it while we are there so my collection for the travel charm will be complete. My friends who are Pandora addicts also confirmed that prices in Eu are definitely cheaper than Manila prices so I am saving in a way.

The murano charms are not actually from Pandora but I saw a lot of them in Venice and they are way, way cheaper than the Pandora murano charms. At least they are original Murano from Venice even if it is not authentic Pandora. LOL.

Now that my travel collection is complete, I promise that my next purchase of Pandora charm will not be in the near future, maybe after 5 years (unless of course a special event will happen that deserves another charm. LOL).