Little Sacrifice

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A colleague will be going to Italy this coming May and she gave me a heads up a few months ago to start saving as she can buy a bag for me while she is there as she knows how much I love bags and how big I will be saving if I buy it straight from Italy.

She suggested that since she will be going to Italy, I might as well get something made in Italy for bigger savings and she recommends Prada. If only I have the money, I will ask her to get me any one of this:

But my daughter’s 8th birthday is coming and she requested for a musical instrument as our gift for her birthday so I have no extra left for a purse. We are planning to buy Roland Diatonic V-Accordion at musician's friend or a tama drum set since she is attending drum lessons now at Academy of Rock.

I am sure my Prada bag can wait and I will not think twice in giving this little sacrifice for my daughter's happiness.