Kids wear: Few Tips to dress your kids in Style

Saturday, August 3, 2013

The silky soft hair, the adorable smile and the tiny fingers – your kid is the cutest to you, and understandably you want to show him or her off in front of others. Follow the trends set by the kids of popular celebrities to help you out.

For the adamant ones – dressing your kid stylishly may prove to be difficult when he or she is adamant about wearing the neon green shirt with a pair of red pants – a combination that very very few people can pull off. For such kids, try and make your kids learn about complimenting colors and choose neutral colors while you shop, at least until your kid is grown up enough to realize what fashion is.

Colors – A kid with his vibrant personality and charming smile, can’t be dressed in dull clothes every time. Experiment with different colors and choose the ones that suit the best. Whether it’s a bright red or a classy black – each color will suit your kid depending on what you pair it with. Dress your kid up in clothes that are comfortable and suit your kid.

For a day out – In the summer, if your kid is out for a picnic or on a play date, dress him in a cool cotton t-shirt and a pair of colorful shorts. Jeans never go out of fashion, although the styles keep changing. Remember denim can make him uncomfortable while he runs around in the hot sun, so avoid jeans for the summer times. In winter, bundle them up in coats and warm and colorful mufflers to keep them warm. Avoid bright flashy colors, unless you are absolutely sure your kid can carry it off. Till then, let them appear bright in their colorful ski caps, boots, coats and gloves.

For an event – Special events like birthdays, weddings or any other occasion requires your kid to dress up appropriately. It’s time to ditch the everyday clothing and suit up! Put your little one in a tux or simply a formal shirt with some dress pants. Let your little girl choose the pretty frock she wants to wear for the occasion.

Accessories – Little accessories like a belt or a cool watch or maybe a pair of sneakers with some color on it can do wonders for your boy. Accessorize your little girl with some earrings, headbands or some cute bracelet.
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