How Did Halloween Witch Party Invitations Started?: The History of Halloween

Friday, August 23, 2013

Halloween is just around the corner and soon you will receive your Halloween witch party invitations and you will ask yourself, what is the history of Halloween?

Witch Invitation Wording Ideas for Halloween Party
Before the costumes and trick or treating, Halloween was believed to be a day when spirits will visit earth and talk to the living so this event has been surrounded by superstitions. This belief was influenced by the Celtics of England. The Catholics on the other hand celebrated November 1 as All Saints Day and November 2 as All Souls Day to pay respect to our departed loved ones.

But through time, this belief has evolved and has now turn into an event that we come to know now that is full of fun and merriment and is enjoyed by both kids and adults alike.

Now that you know the history of this event, I am sure you will be more than excited to plan for your own Halloween party. So start sending your Halloween party invitation with witch now which you can easily order from They can customize designs for you and can print and ship the invitations on the same day after approval.