Thankful for my Parents

Monday, June 10, 2013

It is the start of the school year again for my daughter tomorrow and my youngest will be going to school also starting next week. Since my husband and I are both working, my parents will be the one to take them to school and fetch them everyday.

I am very grateful that my parents volunteered to do this for our kids. If not, it is either one of us will have to resign from work or our kids will take school bus, which is something that we don’t like since they will have to wake up earlier than usual as school bus will pick them up early.

My husband will be arriving from his temporary duty next week and we agreed that we will treat our parents out for a weekend vacation as we know that they will be the one who will be super busy with our kids. I am also planning to buy monster mash-up cigar for my dad.

I am lucky to have parents like them who are wholeheartedly helping us raise our kids.