On Weekends, Shopping Malls and Drum Lessons

Friday, June 28, 2013

I love weekends. And one of the reason why I love Saturday is I am able to go out with my family. Our Saturday is always busy because we have to take Bela to her Kumon class and then to Rockwell for her drum lessons.

Well aside from the fact that I love going to shopping malls even if it is just for window shopping, I enjoyed seeing my daughter enjoy her drum class.

She has been attending drum class for two months now and we enrolled her for another month because we can see how much our daughter is enjoying it. I was also able to talk to Bela’s teacher and he had seen great improvement with Bela and that he thinks that Bela really has a good potential.

Bela really have a passion for music and I am pretty sure when she master drums, she will look for Altus Flutes at WWBW or any other instruments like violin as she would really be interested to learn how to play all of these musical instruments.