Where To Wear Your Bodycon Dress This Summer

Saturday, May 4, 2013

There are some items of clothes that take a bit of bravery to wear: crop tops, bikinis, short shorts and bodycon dresses. If you’re like me, you’ll scoff yourself silly throughout the festive season and then freak out come spring as you’ve only got a few months to tone your tum before the summer. Then I remember that I don’t have to be super skinny to still pull of an outfit, and let’s face it, I’ll end up eating a few ice creams during the warmer months anyway! So this year I will be facing my fears and wearing these items of clothes; I don’t want to miss out on a trend just because of body confidence. So if you’re in a similar position to me, here are my tips about where to wear your bodycon dress this summer...

The nightclub
If you still feel a little bit shy, perhaps a nightclub is an ideal place to start on your body confidence mission. The room will be darker, and there will be so many bodies in the place that you won’t be in the limelight quite so much! If your friends are all wearing similar outfits you’ll fit right in anyway. And you never know, you might even want to post your photos to Facebook or Instagram when you realise how great you all look.

The office

There are some longer length bodycon dresses that are suitable for the office. You might want to look for one in a “midi” length to make sure you aren’t baring too much skin - you don’t want to be an office distraction after all. A smart blazer will give you some extra coverage, and you can complete your outfit with great heels and some jewellery. There’s a good chance that at least one of your work colleagues will ask you where you got your dress so prepare to answer lots of questions!

The races
As long as you don’t have the most expensive tickets that require you to wear fascinators and the like, a bodycon dress is a good choice for the races. You might choose to wear some killer stilettos and a small hairpiece, but your dress will certainly be the “wow” part of your outfit. If it is going to be a warm day, remember that wearing black might make you a bit too warm, so choose a summery colour and run with it.

The restaurant
Pair your bodycon dress with a shrug or thin cardigan for the ideal dinner date outfit. It really is possible to make this dress work from day time into the evening simply by swapping your accessories - if you want to give the appearance of two different outfits, consider neck scarves and bright belts as well as thinking about your choice of shoes.

About the author
Natasha Bridforth is a fashion lover from Warrington, UK. She’s currently planning her trip to the races with her group of friends. She’s looking for the best of coral bodycon dresses as well as a pair of skyscraper heels to complete her outfit.