Our New Twitter

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Viber is our new twitter. My online friends and I used to hang out in Twitter where we chat and talk but we find Twitter to be overcrowded already that we have to find a new venue where we can openly talk about anything under the sun. And so our solution, we created a group chat in Viber.

I love this new group chat as we don’t have to worry if other people will see our conversation as we have limited the group to our set of friends only. So we can talk about anything and everything, from rants, to good news and bad news and even showbiz news.

Just like yesterday, our topic was the family feud of the Baretto clan and our views on whether Reese should go to a Malibu alcohol treatment center.

Viber has been a part of my day to day routine now because it is here where I get to talk to the closest persons in my life.