Hawaiian Candy Buffet for Zarenne's 1st Birthday by Sweet Royals

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Sweet Royals experienced its first ever weekday event last April 8 at the Blue Leaf events place in McKinley Hill.

It was a Hawaiian inspired candy buffet for Zarenne's first birthday party and this was our setup:

I am still waiting for more pictures from the official photographer of the event as our staff was not able to bring a camera to take pictures of the setup.

We are amazed and thankful at how Sweet Royals is growing. We have had a number of events already for the start of 2013 and we can't wait for more.

This reminds me that we have to find a business card printing online service so we can order business cards to give out to inquiring guests every time we have an event.

Our next project is to partner with party planner friends so they can get bookings on behalf of us.

Thank you to all our loyal clients and friends who have been supporting Sweet Royals.