For my New Business

Thursday, March 28, 2013

I have been selling stuff online for more than a year now. I mostly sell authentic branded bags and watches supplied by my friend from the US. The business was doing well but my clientele was only limited to my set of friends and colleagues who regularly buys from me.

Then my supplier suggested, why not set up an online store so I can widen the scope of my clients? She said that she will continue supplying me with items that I can sell online so I will have more products to sell on my online store.

I have been earning from this sideline work and I must admit that it had provided a good way for me to earn extra money. That is why I really liked her business proposal to me so I did some research and I discovered the site of They are an expert when it comes to e-commerce so they will be able to help me on how to sell online.

They have tools that I can use to start setting up my e-commerce site with their easy to use and customizable store-front designer, they also have an online product catalogue where I can add my items for sale plus they provide a secure shopping experience for my clients.

I can’t wait to get my business up and running. Wish me luck.