Few Latest Fashion Updates for 2013

Thursday, March 7, 2013

2013 is another chance for the world to see the latest fashions walk the international runways. Designer garments bearing the Steve McQueen, Prada and Mark Jacobs label are definitely attracting attention. This year there are many newer fashion designers who are gaining popularity for their bold use of colors and textiles.

Expect to see some of those classic silhouettes being tweaked and recycled to create unusual looks. There will be clothing which may well redefine how leather, linen and satin can be manipulated into dresses, jackets and skirts. This year many of the newest fashions combine style elements of the 50s and 60s. With careful planning the designers have managed to keep their latest offerings fresh and intriguing while still including a bit of nostalgic reference.

The use of delicate fabrics is making it possible for top designers to bring strong lines and structured form to the runway. Sleek, straight lines are a dominant trend being seen with the 2013 fashions. The lightweight textures add softness and femininity to the garments. This tempers the severe architectural influences of the design aesthetics.

Soft shoulders are another technique that designers are utilizing in this year's fashions. The rounding and shaping of shoulder fabric helps emphasize the cut and style of the garment while highlighting the feminine appeal.

A-line skirts will remain a fashion staple for summer and spring of 2013. This year some of these skirts will feature vivid vertical stripes, outrageous prints and checkerboard designs.

Jewel toned colors are very popular with the major designers. The colors of the fabric are being highlighted with bejeweled accessories. Expect to see a variety of jeweled accents on hats, belts, handbags and shoes.

The newest take on the Goth inspired styles could make anyone feel as though they were preparing to take the stage at Adelphi Theatre. One avant-garde look that hit the Spring Runway in Paris was definitely inspired by the gowns worn during the Elizabethan Age. The choker collar, nipped-in waist and structured underpinning at the hips create an exaggerated silhouette that spurs images of some of the early English queens.

Bold sunny yellow, mint green and rich hues of blue and red are echoed in the collections of many leading fashion designers. Contrasting colors such as black and white or pink and black are also making a runway splash. The sharper the contrast in colors the more fashion-forward the garment is in appearance.

Unique prints are also overshadowing those animal prints of past years. Textile manipulation is opening new doors for fashion designers. This is one way that a designer can clearly show an innovative style perspective. It is obvious that 2013 is going to be a success for major fashion houses as well as for newer designers who are just beginning to introduce their creations to the world.

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