Do Not Restrict the Valentine Day Cards for Romantic Love Only

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Valentine’s Day is celebrated all over the world on the fourteenth day February as a day for exchanging gifts and small tokens to convey love and affections between friends and lovers. From the beginning of twentieth century handmade and printed cards are being used as an easy-way to express love and other emotions to the near and dear ones and Valentine day greeting has gradual increase of popularity due to world-wide acceptability. Though Valentine’s Day cards are mostly exchanged between romantic lovers, it can be exchanged between any loved relationship, among friends or members of family.

Valentine’s Day has its own significance as the day of love and flowers, chocolates and cards are exchanged between romantic lovers to commemorate the legendary love and sacrifice of Saint Valentine. However, the story of St. Valentine has no historical truth and also it has various versions in different times and places. It should be a great idea not to restrict the Valentine’s Day between romantic lovers, but to open it for all kinds of loving relationship as Saint Valentine showed love and compassion for the whole mankind.

Sending Valentine’s Day card is a nice way to communicate with someone and express the untold love. The lovers who are steady in a relationship celebrate the Valentine’s Day in their own way. They can go for a date to some restaurant, park or movie theatre or simply meet with each other to exchange special gifts. The cards have special significance to the people who are in long distance relationship. Traditional handmade cards and paper-printed cards are now being replaced by e-cards as it is easy and cheap to send them online. The cards can also be personalized to give them special touch.

In modern world, relationships have become more complicated and there are many single people in this world who are suffering from loneliness. Many young men and women have gone through bitter experience of broken relationship and they might feel more distressed and neglected when they found others around them are busy in celebrating Valentine’s Day. You can create new trend if you include your lonely friends in your celebration. You can also change the perspective of Valentine’s Day if you celebrate the day with your grandparents in old age home. You will feel much pleasure and satisfaction if you can distribute your love and kindness among all who are in need for love and care.

Make a plan of celebrating the Valentine’s Day in a unique way and make arrangement ahead of time. Buy Valentine’s Day cards and gifts for your single friends or parents and grandparents. Invite them to have a dinner with you. You can book a table in a restaurant or might simply enjoy homemade cooking in a candle-lit dining table. You might also want to invite your lonely neighbours to join with you. Ask and pursue your lover to take part in the whole celebration with them. If possible, share some responsibility with him/her so that your partner is able to feel the special importance and respect you bear for your special friend.

Give a new meaning to the celebration of the Valentine’s Day this year. Distribute the Valentines cards among your friends, neighbours and family members and you will be able to enjoy the celebration in a selfless happier way.

Author’s Bio: Barbara Jones is the designer and chief content developer for the cards made for different occasions. She has much inclination for drawing cartoons and animations and has a diploma in web designing and animation. Barbara’s passion is making cards with new ideas, which are different from traditional customs. Visit for buying valentine’s cards designed by Barbara.