Choosing High Heel boots for your Body Type

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Winter is upon us and for many of you out there this means relegating strappy sandals and even simple flats and heels to the back of your closet. Even if you don’t live in icy Minnesota or the rainy Northwest, weather during the colder months can leave you with the desire to don warm socks and cover your feet in a good sturdy boot.

From rain boots to mukluks and the ever-popular Ugg styles, there are tons of boots to choose from. However, casual chunky boots don’t do much for your sex appeal and definitely don’t work when you need something for more formal occasions. The trick is to wear elegant boots that will still keep you comfortable and warm. High heel boots can be the perfect solution to fashionistas who need to look great but don’t want to pay the price of freezing their toes off.

When you shop for high heel boots, you’ll need to find styles that are versatile but also balance your figure and make you look hot! Find out your body type and you can avoid many common pitfalls and select boots that will actually flatter and enhance your shape.

Short or Curvy
For petite or voluptuous women, staying away from super high or very skinny high heel boots is a general rule of thumb- they can easily create a disproportionate appearance or make you look like you are walking on stilts. Other styles to avoid include ankle boots (unless worn with jeans or trousers) and mid-calf boots. Instead, go for knee high boots with chunky or platform heels not exceeding three inches. Slim stacked heels also look beautiful on short legs, and to make your legs look longer match your tights to your boots.

Short and Slender
While you may have a slightly wider variety of options in terms of choosing the right boots this winter, it’s still best for the small and slim to steer clear of super high heel boots (again, stilts). What you can do, however, is opt for an ankle boot style, whose illusion of added weight on the figure can be welcome to those wishing to sport some curves. You can also go for mid-calf styles and knee high platform and wedge heel boots.

Tall and Slim
If you are tall with model-like proportions you can often wear any style of boot you desire. Mid-calf boots look great on slim legs, as do high heel boots with more detail like laces or buckles. You can also go for stiletto heels, which will help create a streamlined look. You may not even have to wear boots with heels; riding boots or other flat boots may be all you need.

Tall and Athletic
It can be difficult to fit muscular calves into knee high boots, so look for styles with some stretch. Instead of a stiletto heel, you can try platform heel boots or boots with cone heels for more stability. Another great style for balancing thicker legs is a chunkier wedge heel.

If you are of medium build, or fall between several body types, be aware of the shape of your legs and upper body. Knee high boots with cone or wedge heels are a safe choice for almost any body type, and to elongate the leg look for monochrome styles with very little detail.

Author bio: Sonia Moran is an accountant and an avid fashionista. In her spare time she enjoys shopping for items ranging from high heel boots to raincoats and evening wear. She is also the proud mother of two boys ages 7 and 9.