For my Dad's Birthday

Friday, January 18, 2013

Yay, how time flies and January is almost over. That is why I am already in panic because that means the birthday of my dad is drawing near and we haven’t prepared anything. I have to talk to my siblings if they are planning anything special for my dad’s birthday so they can share with the expense. LOL.

As for the gift, that is something that I can take care of easily as I can just check on to look for and buy my dad’s favorite cigar. This is a no brainer as I can just check what cigar he has in his cabinet and that is what I will order.

My dad will be turning 59 years old and sometimes he can be really melodramatic. LOL. SO we have to plan for his big day as early as now so we can make sure that we will really make him feel extra, extra special on his special day.