Lovers on Christmas Day

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Lovers on Christmas day:
Of course, we have to have a pictorial too. LOL. (But I think hubby needs a haircut and I need to buy geo f trumper products for him. LOL.).

I actually did not buy any new clothes for us as I was not really in the mood for shopping. But when we went to Robinson’s Place for last minute shopping for hubby’ Christmas gifts to his relatives, I saw that Mango was on sale so I was able to get two dresses for me, one for my mom and another for my aunt too.

Hubby was able to grab some nice Cotton On polo shirt on sale too so that’s what we wore on Christmas day.

For a Healthy Christmas and New Year

Lookie, lookie at my healthy Christmas gifts for my relatives and friends:
This is the Bayani Brew of Human Nature brewed from all natural lemongrass and pandan leaves.

This will be for the couples in my family and my friends too. I used to give Mark and Spencer digestive biscuits (every year actually. LOL), so when my officemate showed this to me and enumerated its numerous benefits, I did not think twice and ordered a dozen from her.

I ordered one for us too so we can try this refreshing and healthy drink from Human Nature.

Avoid Foreclosure and Maintain Good Credit Score

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Investing in a property is one of the big investments one can ever make. Purchasing a house and lot is not cheap and that is why people resort to housing loans from bank to get the house that they have always dreamed of.

But during the last 5 years, we have experienced a big problem with our economy. We have witnessed companies closing, massive lay offs, foreclosures and more. The big economic meltdown has brought a lot of problems financially to every home that is why some can’t pay their monthly amortization on time.

If you are in this situation, it is best to contact a Loan Modification Attorney Sarasota FL now to guide you on how to apply for a loan modification to avoid foreclosure or high interest rates from banks.

Availing loan modification for a mortgage loan is more complicated than availing one for credit card. Different factors have to be considered like missed payments, credit score, current hardship situations and the like.

So if you are experiencing a particular hardship and you would want to prevent foreclosure of your property and maintain your good credit score, contact Loan Modification Attorney Sarasota FL to help you get started.

Polythene Bags: How They Are Made and Types That are Available

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Polythene bags are usually crafted from low density polythene. They normally are referred to as clear poly or plastic bags. They have a variety of uses. Here is a closer look at the creative process and different types of these bags.

How These Bags Are Made

These bags are made from polythene film. This film is made using a blown process. Tiny plastic pellets are melted until pliable and then are pressed in a die that is circularly formed. The end result is a giant roll of plastic.

Polythene bags are created by cutting these rolls and heat sealing the edges. Plastic sheets are fed into a machine and measured to desired length. A seal is created and then cut to make each bag.

Types of Poly Bags

There are generally three classifications of these bags; medium low and very low density. As people are becoming more environmentally conscious biodegradable bags are now being produced as well. Two kinds of biodegradable polythene are starch based and additive based.

The most common polythene bag is found at store checkout counters. Retail stores will print logos on the outside for promotion. These bags are usually white in color. Garbage bags are also made from this material. They come in different sizes and thicknesses and are generally a dark color. Food storage is also a popular use for these types of bags. In this case the bags are clear small and contain a top device for sealing. Shrink bags are popular in homes with vacuum sealers made to keep foods fresher for longer periods of time. Besides the retail and food industries these bags are used in the medical profession as well. They are used to pack supplies or medical specimens. One final use for these bags is during the mailing process. These bags are used to send packages and keep them safe from becoming damaged by water.

Polythene bags have many uses. The process to make them is simple and they can be created in various shapes sizes and thicknesses. Many industries use these bags each day. To help the environment new technology is being developed to make them biodegradable.

If you want to get your own polythene bags, check out now.

Get Together with my College Best Buddies

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Last December 15, I got the chance to meet up with my college best buddies. I was with my friend Vanessa and her husband Salim in the morning as they visited my family in Ulingan and they sponsored the feeding for that day.

After that, we went home to freshen up and met up with them in Gilligan’s at San Miguel by the Bay in SM Mall of Asia. We had a very sumptuous dinner and a good chat so we were able to catch up as it has been a year since we last saw each other.

Then we went inside SM so the kids can go ice-skating and the kids really had a blast. I am glad that our kids get along well and I hope they will be good friends too like us, their mothers, when they grow up.

It was really one fun day and I wish we can do this more often and hopefully everybody is present. Paging Diana, Carol, Jean, Jacq, Jeff and Kuya Mheng.

Michael Kors Coming This January

Saturday, December 15, 2012

My second son will be going to school starting next year, which means that I have to work really hard so I can help hubby finance the needs for our two students.

That is why I have been accepting all the sideline work that I can to earn more and save for the growing expenses of our family. Last quarter of this year, I have started to sell bags and watches, plus iPhone cases, shoes, and even leche flan. Who knows next year I might include test sieve too to my items for sale. LOL.

Just look at some of the new items that I will be offering soon:

We are accepting pre-orders for this so order yours now before our stocks run out. These items will all be arriving in Manila on January.

iPhone 5 is Here

I need to read about medical cart for one of the articles that I working on for my sideline work but I can’t concentrate after I have read the email that I got from Globe.

Their new stocks of iPhone 5 has arrived in their warehouse and they are starting to process pre-orders so they can start releasing the units to their subscribers starting December 14.

I am so tempted to renew my second line with Globe, which hubby is using, so I can get an iPhone 5 for myself and pass my iPhone 4S to hubby. LOL. I heard that they are offering lower plans for the iPhone 5, which comes with unlimited data and is consumable for text and calls. They are even offering the payment for the unit at 24 months deferred payment with 0% interest.

So what do you think, should I avail of this or not?

Tory Burch Shoe Sale

I am done buying new clothes for my kids, which they can wear on Christmas and New Year. It has been a tradition that I buy new clothes for them as part of our Christmas celebration. This has been our practice with my parents, which I just continued with my kids.

And of course, hubby and I has to buy something new too so I got really excited when I saw this in my email:

And they are even having a shoe sale where they offer 30% off on their heels, ballets, boots and more.

Tory Burch is one of my dream shoes so hopefully I can afford one before 2012 ends.

Dress Like a Toby Keith Cowboy for Your Next Country Concert

Monday, December 10, 2012

How much do you love country music? Enough to look the part? Imagine not only enjoying the sounds of a live country concert, but dressing the part. The next time you go see your favorite country singer live on stage, you can look the part. Here’s how to dress like a Toby Keith cowboy for your next country concert.

Start with the Hat
Image via Flickr by mike cogh
No cowboy is complete without his Stetson. But you can’t just go out to the store and by one of these genuine cowboy hats. You have to know what size is best for you, how to wear it properly, and how to take care of it. Do your research before buying your Stetson, and you’re sure to have a lifelong purchase.

Now the Boots
Image via Flickr by Wesley Fryer
A cowboy outfit isn’t complete without boots. But not just any boots; genuine cowboy boots. You can’t go to your local shoe store and buy the first pair of boots you see. You need to shop around for real leather boots that can take the wear and tear of working on a ranch and dancing around a saloon floor. Any cowboy boot worth wearing is one designed to be worn. Do your homework, and learn what makes a good pair of cowboy boots before you buy a pair.

Don’t Forget the Jeans 
Image via Flickr by mbtrama
Now that your head and feet are taken care of, it’s time to dress the rest of you. Start with a good pair of blue jeans. Blue jeans are the classic style of the American cowboy. Watch any of your favorite Western shows or movies, and you’ll see everyone walking around in jeans. Grab yourself a comfortable pair that fit you like a glove.

And a Great Belt Buckle
Image via Flickr by Parrotetina
Wear your jeans with a silver belt buckle, and you’ll have the look just right. But it can’t just be any belt buckle. Cowboys wear trophy belt buckles. You may want to select one with your initials, or an engraving of something important to you. You could even shop around for antique belt buckles that were trophies once upon a time. It doesn’t have to be your trophy to make it a genuine cowboy belt buckle.

Pick a Good Shirt 

Image via Flickr by Banjo Brown
Now that you have the rest of your outfit taken care of, don’t forget a good shirt to go with it. Most rustic, button-down shirts will do. They can either be long-sleeve or short-sleeve, depending on your taste. Any color will work, including plaid. But stay away from wild colors, designs, and writing. To make your shirt more authentic looking, iron it before wearing it.

Add a Bolo Tie 
Image via Flickr by Different Seasons Jewlery
The key to making your shirt look like a shirt a cowboy would wear is to add a fashionable Bolo tie. Some people will tell you that this accessory is not necessary, and will only make you look like you’re trying to look the part, but a simple bolo can add a little style to your outfit.

Now that you have the key ingredients to looking like a cowboy, you’re ready to buy your Toby Keith Tickets. Enjoy the show!

My 2013 Starbucks Planner

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Yehey, I finally got my Starbuck 2013 planner:
I actually complete all the stickers required to claim the planner two weeks ago but I can’t make up my mind on what color to get as I like them all. But I scrutinized each one of them when I went to Starbucks to claim it and I end up getting the green one.

I have no actual picture of the planner, as I did not open it yet. And this is my third planner to add to my 2011 and 2012 Starbucks planner.


I am sick and I will be absent from work tomorrow. I started to feel sever back pain last Thursday but I thought it is just muscle spasm and I still went to work Friday. By Saturday, the pain is worse and I am starting to feel dizzy and weak already. I initially wanted to go to 168 to do some shopping but my mom insisted that I go to my doctor for check-up as I had the same case last year and the doctor even recommended that I be confined.

Good thing I decided to be a good girl that day and went to see my doctor and I was diagnosed to have an extreme case of UTI. Normal range for plus cells is 0-2 and mine was 10-20 so I am experiencing high level of infection.

I was given antibiotics and was asked to rest for 2-3 days. Hopefully I will be able to recover soon when the effect of the medicine kicks in after 72 hours. This is really not a good time as it is the time of the year again for an interim performance review especially if it is clearly written in our company’s employee warning notice condition for disciplinary action and the like.

But I am covered as I have a medical certificate to explain my case so I am staying in for tomorrow and have my much-needed rest.

Dealing with Manslaughter Case?

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Even a suspected criminal has a right too, to defend himself. Just like in a case of someone who is charged of manslaughter.

For someone who is in this situation, it is essential to contact DUI Manslaughter Attorney Tampa right away to get someone who can represent him in court and defend him, before a formal case will been filed on the first 30 days of the arrest.

Facing a criminal case can be one of the most complicated things that one will face, especially if one is charge with manslaughter. That is why it is essential for someone to contact a good law office that has competent lawyers who knows the ins and outs of a criminal justice system.

The end result of the criminal case will define your future, whether you want to avoid getting a criminal case files against you or to avoid going to jail all together. So to avoid this, contact someone who can defend you like DUI Manslaughter Attorney Tampa.

My Casio Illuminator

Thursday, December 6, 2012

My Casio Illuminator has finally arrived last week:

I must admit, I did not feel a “wow” factor when I first saw it. It is more beautiful in pictures than in person when I first had a look of it. My husband was even teasing me, because we bought 4 of this (one for me, my cousin, and my siblings) and he can’t believe we got an old school watch. But he really has no sense of fashion (LOL) and he is not aware that Casio is one of the “in” things for 2012 so I never got bothered really by his comment.

But I really fell in love with it when I wore it and all the more when I wore it with my arm candies.

Now I want another one. My daughter asked me: “Why do you need another watch when you already have one.” My dear daughter, I am sure when you are grown up you will understand that a girl can never have too many watches.

Use Perfume to Enhance Your Outfit and Portray Your Mood

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Image via Flickr by Maegan
Years ago, women chose one perfume and wore it daily to embody their personal identity. Now, however, women often have several perfume bottles on their vanity to choose from — wearing perfume more like an accessory that changes from day to day. Women can choose to wear a different scent each day to match their outfit or their mood. So, here are some tips to help you choose the right perfume for how you’re feeling.

Scents to Match Your Mood
There are six different types of perfume scents — floral, citrus, chypre, fougere, green, and oriental. The following list explains these scents and shows you which ones will best match your mood.

  • Floral: This is the most popular perfume scent. It is created from flowers, like roses, carnations, orange blossoms, jasmine, gardenias, and more. You should wear floral scents when you want to feel feminine and pretty. Floral perfumes are great to have in your collection because they are suitable all year long. 
  • Citrus: This type of perfume is made from citrus fruits, like oranges, lemons, limes, and tangerines. It is one of the most common first scents that women try. This means citrus scents are great if you don’t want to wear an overpowering fragrance. Citrus scents also make you feel young and invigorated.
  • Chypre: This is a woodsy scent that has aromas from oak moss and citrus. It is a step up from citrus scents and is great for women that want to portray mysteriousness. It is sweet with a bit of earthy mixed in. 
  • Fougere: The scent of fresh herbs and mossy ferns make up this scent. It is most typically worn by men, but it is a great scent for women that want to exude a sense of power and decisiveness. 
  • Green: This is an outdoorsy scent that is made up of grassy smells, like juniper and pine. It is great for athletic women that like to spend a lot of time outdoors. 
  • Oriental: This perfume is a mix of heady scents, like amber, balsams, spices, and resins. It creates a sense of exotic pleasure that is luxurious and musky. You should wear oriental womens perfume when you are going on a date and want to have a seductive scent that gives you confidence.
With so many scents to choose from, you can show off whatever mood you are in. You’re no longer required to choose one scent and stick with it.

My Christmas Wish List

If I were into sports like gymnastics or wrestling, I would really appreciate receiving a wrestling singlet as a gift. But since I am not, I have this as part of my Christmas wish list that I would like Santa (aka the hubby. LOL) to give me:

1. Another watch. My friend is selling this cute purple Marc Jacob watch payable in 2 months.

2. Mac Book pro. My current laptop is so slow that I am being less productive. If I have a faster laptop, I will be able to work more, which translates to more moolah for the family. LOL.
3. Staycation or an out of town getaway. I just wanted to take a break from my busy life and just relax, rest and spend some quality time with my family.
4. New purse. I have been a good girl this year that I did not buy even one single purse. The year is not yet over and I am still hoping that I can own at least one new purse before 2012 ends. LOL.

Christmas Display ala C.O.D @ Greenhills Shopping Center

Hubby needs to have his iPhone repaired so we included Greenhills as part of our itinerary last Sunday. I actually did not like the idea as I know how crowded it can be at Greenhils on a weekend but the LCD of hubby’s phone had to be replaced already as hubby can no longer use his phone because he can’t see anything on the screen as it is all white.

The repair only took around 45 minutes but instead of going home right away, we decided to stay so the kids can watch the Christmas display.

The show runs everyday until January 6, every 30 minutes starting at 6:30 PM to 11:30 PM. The theme for this year is Christmas at Planet Greenhills.

I remember when I was a kid, my parents will always bring us to Cubao so we can watch the Christmas display show at C.O.D, one of the popular malls during my childhood. It was a part of our Christmas tradition and so we got really sad when C.O.D closed down, as we wanted to pass that tradition to our kids. That is why we got really excited when Grenhills Management revived this tradition every Christmas season, and we never missed this every year with our kids.