Holiday Shopping List

Thursday, November 29, 2012

It is already just a few days before Christmas and I am still not in the mood to start with my Christmas shopping list. But I know that I am running out of time already if I want to avoid the holiday shopping rush so I dragged hubby and the kids last Sunday at Lucky Chinatown Mall so we can start buying gifts for our friends, relatives and Godchildren and these are our loots:
I also ordered some items from Embellished Designs, Dainty Ashley and the Clay Craft Studio so there are just a few more left in my list and I am done.

I am planning to go out again this Friday after work and this weekend so I can finally finish my holiday shopping list.

Top Reasons Why You Should Opt for Wholesale Bags.

For most fashion forward ladies all over the world, wholesale handbags are the ultimate shopping delight. Handbags, the functional aids to store daily belongings, now they are more viewed at fashionable accessories to grant any look. When shopping for handbags, most women would seek sturdiness, spacious room, elegance as well as aesthetic design. In addition, the handbag should endure the test of the time and is light weighted for carrying in hands or on the shoulders. With such a lot of requirements for handbags as above, the price of the handbag will commonly shoot up per requirement, and many customers may be left in total dilemma ¨C where and how to get the best handbag for the least of the money spent. The answer is to get wholesale handbags from online wholesalers. 

Advantages of buying wholesale handbags
Stylish fashion accessories possess great charm to any lady, and many fashionistas yearn for the trendy accessories as bragged by celebrities on the television, magazines, fashion shows and on the internet. Whereas, designer handbags used to cost a great amount of money, making them go far beyond the reach of the average Joe and Jane. People are now looking for a wise choice out such as wholesale handbags that offer the same celebrity style at much wallet-friendly price tags.

Most of these wholesale handbags are top quality handbags with style resembling those designer handbags from big brands. Therefore, if you go for wholesale handbags, you will get beautiful and graceful handbags at cheap rate.

One can buy several handbags in different styles using coupons. Some people would like to go for the same designer handbag yet in diverse colors so as to match with their different outfits. In this case, buying wholesale handbags from a reliable wholesaler will surely satisfy one¡¯s craving for trendy handbags at low price.

Nowadays, it is very convenient to buy wholesale handbags online, and it would save lots of time and energy. Customers can get easy access to lots of well designed catalogues and pick the one that suits their needs.
Sometimes, you can also find authentic designer handbags at very attractive discount price. By getting some coupons and keeping close eyes on the clearance sales of some websites, it is easy to get more trendy designer handbags at good price.

Potential pitfalls to avoid
To avoid being cheated, one should choose a reliable website to ensure that the payment portal is secure and also with quick delivery, authentic products, etc. One more thing to be sure is to check the return policy of the website.

SmartPhone Features

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

We all heard the news about the on-going war between Samsung and Apple. Both companies would want to dominate the smart phone market and so they are utilizing all their design and engineering team in order to come up with the best phone in the market that would attract gadget lovers out there.

Almost everybody I know owns a smart phone, be it an iOS device or an android phone and they use it extensively for all kinds of stuff. So what are the features of a smart phone that attracts majority of the population? Here are a few of those:

1. Mobile Internet Access. iOs devices and android phones allow for mobile Internet access which allows one to surf the net on the go. If you have an iPhone 5 for example, you can play bingo online from your favorite website, as it uses the most advance LTE wireless technology for faster wireless data connection.
2. Built-in Camera. All android and smart phones now are equipped with a built-in camera that allows the owner to take high quality photos and videos. The cameras of these phones are even comparable to the standard point and shoot cameras. Since smart phones offer data connectivity, these photos and videos can easily be uploaded to social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more, directly from the phone.
3. Multimedia. Smart phones have large storage capacity and some even have expandable memory that it can be use to store music and videos so you can use the phone as your multi-media player on the go. The Samsung Galaxy Note II for example has a 16 GB of internal memory and can be expanded up to 64 GB, so that is a whole lot of storage space for all your music and videos.
4. Wide range of applications. There are a lot of available applications that can be installed on these smart phones that can expand its built-in features. Apple, for example, has App Store where one can download and install different applications that will add to the feature of your phone. You can install a calorie counter application for example; picture editing applications, multimedia player, and more.

These are just some of the many features that you can enjoy if you have a smart phone. So if you are thinking of something to buy for Christmas, why not consider getting these latest gadgets that you can use for fun and even for work.

Everything Must-Go Sale

We are having a Pre-Christmas, “Everything Must-go” Sale.

New stocks have arrived and so we are disposing the stocks that we have from the last box that we received from our friend. And so all of these bags are now at discounted prices (way below the cost of these bags):

So if you are still searching for a nice gift to the special woman in your life, choose from any of these bags now. This will surely wow them, without hurting your pocket.

Leave a comment here or send me an email for details.

Another Truck Accident

On our way to school last week, we were greeted with a heavy traffic which is unusual as we rarely encounter heavy traffic on our way to my daughter’s school. As the traffic moves, we soon realized the cause and it is because of a big trailer truck that is right in the middle of the road.

The truck has been split into 2 and looks like it lost control of the break which caused the damage to the truck. I just hope that nobody got hurt in the accident but if ever there were, they should start contacting Trucking Accident Lawyer Chattanooga, TN to help them get justice.

Getting claims from big accidents like this is a complicated process which requires high level of legal expertise and experience. That is why it is important for the victims to get only the best lawyers that can help them claim what is duly right for them like Trucking Accident Lawyer Chattanooga, TN.

New Baby

Friday, November 23, 2012

It’s here, it’s here, a new watch to add to my collection (well I can’t really call it a collection as I only have less than 5 watches in my jewelry box. LOL).

I received it last Sunday from Jacqui during Bela’s party and I am glad I decided to buy it as it is a real beauty. Gold watches are one of the “in” thing now so this Marc Jacob for sure will not fail me, fashion wise.

The strap is a little bit big for me though so I have to bring it to a watch center this weekend to re-size the length of the metal strap.

I am excited as I can’t wait to start using it.

Sale Alert

When shopping for Christmas gifts, I find it easy to shop for men as I can easily find nice items that they will surely appreciate like mens briefcases, necktie, or if you want to splurge, a watch or a gadget such as an iPhone or an iPad. But when it comes to giving gifts to women, I find it more challenging and I know there are a lot who is in the same boat as me.

Are you still looking for the perfect Christmas gift for your girlfriend, mom, wife or friend? Then this might be the deal that you are waiting for as we are giving out big discounts to some of the items that we have on stock. Some of the bags are being sold at cost already as we need to dispose our inventory for the new batches of bags and watches that we just received.

Here are some of the items that you can get at a discounted price:

Leave a comment here or send me an email for inquiries.

Holiday Schedule: Embellished Designs and Dainty Ashley

I started with my holiday shopping yesterday and I have done it while I was on lunch break at work. It is very easy as I have done it online. Thanks to my friends who have online shops of personalized and hand made items that are perfect gift this coming Christmas to all my relatives and friends.

If you are interested, you can visit their online shop and check out the nice items that you can purchase:

1. Embellished Designs for all your personalized printable needs. They have posted their holiday schedule already so better place your orders now as they are overflowing with orders that they might not be able to accommodate more clients as Christmas draws near. Check their holiday schedule below:

2. Dainty Ashley for those cute and heart made hair trinkets and accessories like headbands, bows, ribbons and more. See below also for their on-going sale details and holiday schedule: 

Planning for our Christmas Family Reunion with the Help of Shiloh's List

Thursday, November 22, 2012

It has been a busy month for me as I planned and prepared for my daughter’s 7th birthday party. It was not perfect as there are glitches here and there but my husband and I achieved our goal, which is to make our daughter very, very happy on her special day.

And now that my daughter’s 7th birthday party is finish, it is time for me to plan for the next party for our family and it is our Christmas Family reunion.

Being an avid fan of Shiloh's List, I quickly browse through their site for offers that I can avail so I can plan for a fun family reunion without hurting our budget and I did not fail as I was able to find a lot of good deals. 

So what is Shiloh's List? Shiloh's List is a new discount shopping site where they compile all the good deals that they were able to get from different companies and offer it to their subscribers.

Just like this Mobile Bar party package that I wish to avail for our family reunion from Haley’s Mobile Bar. The deal is being offered at 25% off for a mobile bar package that is good for 50 person.

And to add fun to the party, I am thinking of getting the Photo booth package from Lightroom Photobooth being offered at Shiloh's List for just P3,500.

Party planning will really be this fun, easy and affordable if I will always count on discount shopping sites like Shiloh's List to get all my party suppliers. So what are you waiting for? Like their page on Facebook and sign up for an account now.

Online Shopping for Eye Glasses?

Monday, November 12, 2012

I love to shop online. I purchase almost everything online from toys, gadgets, school supplies, appliances and more. But there are some things that I am hesitant to buy online as I feel that I need to try them on and see how it will look on me or if I am getting the right size. These items are shoes, clothes and even a pair of eyeglasses.

For everything that I buy, I always make sure that I am getting the right value for my money so I am thankful that Warby Parker has a “Try-on Program.” Under this program, customers can choose any 5 glasses that they want to try and Warby Parker will ship them for free for the clients to try on for 5 days.

There is no obligation to buy so whether you order or not after shipping the try-on glasses, you will not be charged with anything. And if ever you want to get any of the glasses that you tried on, just order online and it will be shipped to you with your prescription.

I want to buy their hipster glasses frames so I am definitely subscribing to their Try-on Program so I will be sure that it suits me well first before shelling out any money.

New Bags Coming Soon by Mid November

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Just look at some of the bags that we will be selling soon:

I have been helping my friend sell her items, which she sends to us from the US. At first, I only offer it to two of my officemates and one of my childhood friend and they regularly buy new purses every time I have new stocks. But then I realized that this can be a good sideline and so I expanded my network of re-sellers.

The business is doing really well as I have sold quite a number of bags already. That is why I am thinking that I might need a Retail Shelving in the future for all the new stocks that I am expecting by mid of November.

I am so happy because I have used my small earnings from this sideline for the additional side entertainment that I want to get for Bela’s birthday. Hope I will be able to sell more….

For Sale: iPhone 4/4S Cases

Love, love this new casing, thanks to my sister in law for bringing it home for me:

I saw this for the first time with one of the student volunteers in Ulingan. I wanted to ask her where she got the casing but I was shy to ask her, since I really don't know her that much. Then I saw it again in one of the cellphone stores in 168 but it was too expensive at P400.

Then my sister in law posted in Instagram all our new cases for sale and I asked her to bring the purple one for me.

If you want to have these cute casings for iPhone 4/4S, email me at or text me at 0917-5842934. I am selling these cases at P300 only.