Bela's Photo Shoot

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

This is the first of the two attempts that we had this week for Bela’s photo shoot in preparation for her birthday. Hubby wants to do this ASAP as he will be busy the coming months that he wants to finish Bela’s MTV and AVP the soonest.

Hubby went home early last Monday and he setup a studio in our living room for the photo shoot. But the shoot was a failure because:

(1) Bela was not in the mood as she just came from school so she is tired and sleepy already by the time they started the photo shoot.
(2) Cobi wants to have his pictures taken too that she joins her sister during the shoot.

That is why I told hubby that we should find the best basement carpet so we can have the photo shoot there, without Cobi (lol), and we will do it during the weekend so Bela will surely be in the mood.

We plan to do another photo shoot this Sunday and we are also inviting my cousin to shoot the video too to make the behind-the-scenes MTV. Now I am really getting excited for Bela’s birthday party.

iPhone 5: Now Available at Our Store

iPhone 5 has been released already in the US and some parts of the world like Singapore, Europe and more but it hasn’t reached Apple store Philippines yet. But if you want to be one of the first to own the iPhone 5 here in Manila, then contact us now:

This beauty is now available at our store in Greenhills. PM me for details.

Just what sets iPhone 5 apart from its predecessor:

• 4 inch retina display
• aluminum and glass body making it the lightest and thinnest iPhone ever released
• 3 microphones and noise canceling earpiece
• longer battery life
• Panorama feature of the new camera
• New improved headset

So what are you waiting for, grab the iPhone 5 now while it is still hot.

Royal Pastry Package: Sandy's 7th Birthday @ Valle Verde

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

It was another successful event for Sweet Royals for Sandy’s 7th Birthday Party held at Valle Verde 6.

For this party, we had our Royal Pastry Package, which consists of the following pastry selections:

Photo Credit: Jojo Francisco
• Mini Cream Puff
• Mini Éclair
• Ube Bites
• Pandan Bites
• Blackforest Bites

All of our packages come with:

• Themed table setup
• Plastic bags or paper cones
• Cookie and candy jars
• Thongs
• Dessert labels
• Dessert assistant

So for all your candy or dessert buffet station needs, contact Sweet Royals now.

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Drooling Over Hermes Clic Clacs

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Saw this picture of Shey Tan in Instagram and I just love her Hermes Clic clacs:
Snagged from Shey Tan's IG
I love the daintiness and subtleness of the color, it is just so very nice and relaxing to look at. But just like what my friends are saying, these clic clacs are lovely to look at but very heavy on the pocket as it costs around $600 - $700 so there is really no way that I can ever afford this. LOL.

Or even if I have the money, I think I would rather invest it on real and precious metals like a gold bracelet or platinum ring which have some real value and can be easily sold or pawned. LOL. (Or maybe I am just bitter that I can’t have these cute Hermes clic clacs. LOL).

Vazada in Purple for Me

Yehey, new shoe for me:

What do I love about this new shoe?
• It is in purple which is obviously my favorite color
• It is very comfy, which I love about Melissa shoes
• It is perfect for any occasion from formal to casual wear
• It’s free. Yup, that’s the best part of it because this is a gift from my sister.

Thanks again sis. I love it.