Bags for Sale

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My good friend Faye is selling brand new Coach, DKNY, Kate Spade bags at very affordable prices. This is one of my favorites:

I love the cool colors and the casual look of the bag, perfect as my everyday bag. If only I have the budget right now, I will buy this bag in a heartbeat. LOL.

Here are some more of the bags that my friend is selling:

Send me an email or comment on this post if you are interested.

The Scholastican Bracelet from SilverWorks

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Last year, the administrators of St. Scholastica was very thankful with the Grade School Parents Association (GSPA), as they were able to do a lot of activities to raise funds to help the school buy equipments like stacking church chairs, LED TV for all classrooms, LCD projectors, laptops, wireless microphone and a lot more.

I am one of the homeroom officers last year but I must admit that I was not that active as I don’t have a lot of vacation leaves left to take off from work so I can help out the GSPA board as most of their activities and meetings are scheduled on a weekday. But I try to extend my help, by supporting almost all the projects that they launched last year.

Just today, I saw a post of Daphne Osena, who is a Scholastican herself about the special edition St. Scholastica bracelet available from Silverworks. This is a fund raising project of St. Scholastica's College Manila High School Batch 88 and the proceeds will support SSC Manila Batch 88 Scholarship Fund.

The bracelet has a diameter of 6.5" inches when not stretched and it has a Cecilia Hall and Scholastican charms. You can purchase the bracelet for P1,500 online and in Silverworks store.

New casing for my Iphone

Last Sunday we were in the Greenhills area as we attended the first birthday party of my niece in Greenmeadows. We haven’t been to Greenhills for quite some time now and so we decided to drop by after the party.

We need to have a screen protector installed for Bela’s iPad and so before going to the toy store, as per request of the kids, we dropped by our cell phone shop. And aside from the screen protector that we got for our new toy, I brought this home with me: 

New casing for my iPhone care of hubby. The one that I am using before is broken already after Cobi dropped by phone and so I know that it is time to get a new one. I saw a lot of cute casing from the different online sellers in Instagram but I know their price is double than what the store in Greenhills usually charges.

So aside from Bela, I went home happy too. Simple joys.

Botang Maliit Para Kay Bulilit

Friday, August 24, 2012

I have been going to Ulingan in Tondo as one of the volunteers of Project PEARLS since March of this year and I am happy every time I get to influence friends to join our advocacy.

Last August 18, my good friend Ate Annie and her daughter went with us to join our Saturday feeding in Ulingan to observe as they are planning to conduct an art workshop for the kids. My friend’s daughter can’t believe the plight of the kids in Ulingan and she really wanted to do something for the kids.

One of the first project (and I am sure there will be more) that she launched was a Rain boot Challenge where she is soliciting to get 700 rain boots in 30 days: 

She created this page in Facebook so those who would want to donate can get details and where we can get updates too on the status of the challenge.

So summon your sharing powers, contact the following people below if you want to donate: 

iPhone 5

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Have you heard the news about the latest iPhone, the iPhone 5? I read that it is rumored to be release this September and I am excited because I can get a new phone again by availing of the retention program from Globe.

I got my iPhone 4S January 2012 through Globe’s retention program also and I am only paying for a minimal fee every month for the unit. Hubby’s line subscription is up for renewal already but we are not getting an iPhone 4S as we are saving it so we can avail of the iPhone 5 instead when it gets released.

What we have agreed upon is that I will get the new iPhone 5 and hubby will get my old iPhone 4S. Tricky huh? That is love. LOL. Hubby is not really into gadgets and high tech phones and if he were to choose, he would prefer an old simple phone as he tends to loose it. Would you believe he lost 2 iPhones already not to mention the other models of cell phones that he lost in the past? That is why he is okay to get the old iPhone and I will get the new one. LOL.

But I will just buy new phone Accessories for the iPhone 4S, so at least there is still something new about the phone before I give it to hubby.

They say that the new iPhone 5 is waterproof with a much better retina display and I am so excited. Hope it gets released here in the Philippines just a few weeks after its rumored US release in September.

Melissa for Kids

My sister brought home this cute Melissa shoes for my daughter:

The Melissa Campana and Melissa Ronaldo Fraga. Unfortunately, it is a little too small for Bela but my sister said that I should not worry as they will be releasing their new stocks soon and she promised to buy for her niece.

Bela is growing up so fast. I just bought her new set of clothes and pair of shoes and I think she can wear it for just a few more weeks and it will all be too small for her already. She is really one growing kid. LOL.

Fifty Shades - Trilogy

Have you read these books, the Fifty Shades of Grey – Trilogy?

This is my current read now. All my friends have been talking about it in Twitter and so I got curious and have joined the bandwagon. It is something new I must say compared to the usual love stories and period novels that I have read. Well, where can you find a story that mentions lock washers, silver balls, whipping and more?

I got a bit bored on the first book (but I will not tell the reason why, it’s for you to find out) but my friends are saying that they feel the same way and skipped some parts but second and the third book is more exciting and interesting. And I think they are correct. I am now reading book 2 and I can’t seem to put the book down. I am excited to find out how the relationship of Christian Grey and Ana Steele would end will all the bumps and trials that their (extraordinary) relationship is experiencing.

Girl About Town

Friday, August 3, 2012

Me wearing Girl About Town lippie:

A good friend recently went to Guam and we asked her if she can buy MAC lipsticks for us at the Duty Free Shops there as it is relatively cheaper as compared o the prices here.

This is my 3rd MAC Lipstick. My first two are all in shades of red so I wanted to try a new color. The Girl About Town is highly recommended by my friends and so I decided to order one and this is my current favorite. The color is not shocking that I can wear it for everyday use.

It is a bit matte though so I am looking for another shade in pink that has glossy feel.

1st Annual Project PEARLS Family Day

Project PEARLS will be having its very first Family Day this coming August 18 and guess where will it be held… our place.

We just want a very simple and relax gathering. We will probably rent a videoke machine, we can also have a movie marathon, or just chat and bond until the wee hours of the morning.

So hubby reminded that we should buy valances for our living room to make it look presentable to out guest. I might also buy a new electric fan as our current one is failing already and we need an extra one as we will have the party at the garage and it can be humid and hot so I better make sure that there is enough ventilation in the area.

We are excited already and we can’t wait to have our Project PEARLS family in our humble abode.