Upcoming Events for Sweet Royals

Thursday, July 26, 2012

The past weeks, the crew of Sweet Royals Candy/Dessert Buffet service has been really busy with our marketing and our efforts paid off as our stats in Facebook went up:

We did not really promote this business at first and we just rely on word of mouth to make the business known but since competition is though with all the other suppliers offering the same service, we decided that we should work double time to attract clients for Sweet Royals and that’s what we have been doing. Thanks to all our friends, families, clients who constantly visit, like and share our Facebook page.

And we are happy because we booked two events for this week alone and we have been receiving a lot of inquires everyday. Keep them coming guys and thank you for the love and trust.

Watch out for the following upcoming events from Sweet Royals:

Aug 19 – Care Bears Theme 
Sept 29 – Barbie Fairytale 
Oct 28 – Sweet and Dainty Candy Theme

We will be launching our first dessert station on our August 19 party so watch out for the pictures.

New Baby

Sunday, July 15, 2012

I received the good news that my good friend from High School just gave birth to a bouncing baby girl. I texted my other friends and we were supposed to visit her last week. Unfortunately, we all had conflict in schedule that day – I can’t leave the kids at home as my mom is not feeling well, my two friends have work that day and my other friend has to attend to some family matters.

Well, nothing is really new as it is really difficult to set up a schedule with my High School friends. The last time we saw each other was more than two years ago already since we always can’t find a good date where all of us are free for a meet up.

And looks like it will be the same again for this situation. Last time we talked, we agreed that we will just visit our friend at their house this weekend but I got so busy also that I was not able to make a follow up with my other friends.

I guess I just have to send my friend something like Shari's Berries fruit baskets as our congratulatory and get well soon gift to her. And then hopefully, my friends and I will be able to free up a certain date and time next week to visit my friend so we can finally see her new baby.

Sweet Royals: Candy/Dessert Buffet

Because I have been inspired by my friends Mai of Dainty Ashley, Suzanne of Clay Crafts Studio, Litzie of Borsa Limited, Kerslyn of Cutesy Patootsie, and Kathy of Ksnaps, I got inspired too to really promote our Candy Buffet Service, the Sweet Royals.

We launched Sweet Royals October of 2011 during the first birthday party of my niece. My sister in law decided to make her own candy buffet instead of getting it form suppliers (which is really expensive). The Candy buffet was a huge hit during the party that we decided to turn it into a business.

Sweet Royals offer different packages that will suit your every budget and we can customize the design of of the buffet station based on your theme.

Here are some of our recent parties:

We will soon be adding more candy choices and we will even add pastries and more desserts so watch out for it.

Check out our Facebook page and Like us to receive updates: Sweet Royals

For inquiries and more details about the packages, kindly contact any of the following:

Grace - 0917-360-0117 
Tessa - 0927-548-5767 
Vien - 0917-522-8436 
Abie - 0917-584-2934

Or send us an email to sweetroyals@yahoo.com

Mango Sale

Guess what is inside the paper bag.

picnic table cover……No

Thanks to the recent Mango sale, I was able to buy three pairs of slacks that I can wear for work.

We were able to drop by Lucky Chinatown Mall a few weeks ago and so I took the opportunity to do some shopping. I loose almost 10 pounds already so some of my slacks are too big for me so it is really time to re-stock my wardrobe.

The sale has been running for days already when I went shopping so most of the items’ prices have been reduced further which is bigger savings for me. Luckily, our former neighbor works for this Mango branch and she assisted me and gave me all the stocks available for my size that I can try.

There are a lot of items that I like, but unfortunately I can only afford 3. LOL. My friend said that they are still on sale so hopefully we can drop by again tomorrow.

Tyler and Lopez Leaving AI

I don’t religiously watch all the seasons of American Idol but there have been some seasons, especially if I like the contestants that I was able to watch from the auditions up to the finale. I specifically like the last two seasons where Steve Tyler and Jennifer Lopez became part of the judges.

Some say that they would rather have Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell back as Steve and Jennifer don’t really know how to be a real judge. They appear to be scared to criticize the contestants as everything that they say are all praises which is not helping the contestants to grow and learn.

But I like the new aura that they were able to bring to the show. Steve is the cool guy who always have the funniest words to say while Jennifer stands like a proud mom for all the contestants. That is why I felt really sad when I heard the news that the two are leaving the show.

Steve Tyler was the first to announce his resignation and just recently, Jennifer confirmed her decision to leave the show when she called Ryan Seacrest in his morning show. Both said that they love American Idol dearly but they have some other things that they need to do which was put on hold because of AI.

I wonder who will become the new judges for the next season and if ever they will be able to equal the Steve Tyler – Jennifer Lopez – Randy Jackson trio.

Borsa Limited: Philippine Made Bags For Sale

I love bags. That is a fact. But I have been in a purse ban this year (and probably for the next 20 years), as I have to prioritize major expenses for my family like our house amortization.

But looks like I will be able to reward myself for all the hard work that I have been doing to earn enough to help my husband with the expenses. That’s is because of the newly opened online shop of my friend, Borsa Limited.

Borsa Limited is an online store that sells Philippine-made bags and more. Not only they are affordable and elegant, but also buying bags from them is one way of patronizing Philippine made products.

I am eyeing this purple satchel bag and I am just waiting for the confirmation of my sideline job before the month ends and I think I can finally place my order for this cutie:

Check out her site in Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/pages/Borsa-Limited/416646075043661

Vivienne Westwood Mary Jane

The past months, my shopping loots are all things for our new home like omnimount TV Stands, new living room set, oven, and more. This is because we have to invest on new things when we moved to our new home less than a year ago.

It was only lately that I was able to do a little shopping for myself (thanks to my sideline). And one of my latest shopping finds is my new Melissa Mary Jane:
It is actually on sale as I will not be buying it if it were not (LOL). I was choosing between the pink and the yellow but since the price is really irresistible (almost 80% off than the original price), I decided to get both colors.
I actually wore it already last Saturday and I am really loving it. Though I can only wear it when I am not with my kids as I don’t think I can afford to run after my kids while wearing this high-heeled Mary Jane.