The Clay Craft Studio: All Handmade, 100% Heartmade

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Plymer Clay?

Do you know what kind of magic you can make from those?

My good friend Suzanne is into polymer clay and she has been playing with it that she was able to make customized handmade charms like key chains perfect as tokens for any of your events and even as gifts.

Just look at some of the previous works of The Clay Craft Studio:

We are all excited for her because we know how creative she is. In fact as early as now, we already place our orders for charms that we will give as gifts to our daughter’s teachers and classmates come Christmas.

So place order your know. Like her page on Facebook to get updates:

Human Nature Loots

Saturday, June 23, 2012

If hubby has been checking out RC cars lately, I on the other hand are happy with my loots from Human Nature:

I have heard about Human Nature from friends who have tried out their products. They highly recommend it as it is made from organic materials so it is guaranteed to be safe and it is a Filipino product too.

I have been meaning to check out their site but I can’t seem to access it from my iPhone. So I got really excited when my officemate showed her Human Nature brochure to me.

I quickly scanned through the images and end up ordering hydrating facial wash and toner, mineral powder, and conditioner for me and citronella bug spray and shampoo and body wash for the kids.

I have tried the facial wash, toner and powder already and so far I am happy with it and looks like my skin is too. My mom doesn’t like the smell of the citronella bug spray though but I told her that at least it is organic.

Looks like this will turn into another addiction of mine. LOL.

Party Preps for Cobi's 2nd Birthday

Aside from shopping (well, its actually just window shopping these days), party planning is one of the things that I enjoy doing and I have been really busy planning for my kids’ upcoming birthday parties.

Bela will be turning 7 this coming November and so I have been really busy researching, inquiring and contacting party suppliers for her big day. But the past few weeks, I have spend time finalizing details for Cobi’s 2nd birthday party on Sunday.

It will just be a small party. I have invited the May – June celebrants from Ulingan and I have invited some close friends and relatives too. The party will be at SM Storyland in SM San Lazaro. I have booked them just last month and I have also booked Jollibee for the food two weeks ago. Yesterday, I paid for the cake that I ordered from That Looks Tasty Goodies and we also went to S&R to shop for the items that we will include in the loots bags.

Here are some pictures of my party preps for Cobi’s birthday: 

Luxuries of a Rewarded Surfer

Friday, June 22, 2012

Emerald Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring - In Platinum (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Getting paid to surf the Internet is a great new trend. You can really be paid for doing things you are probably doing every single day, or - right now! With all the reward sites out there, like RewardIt, you can get cash rewards, as well as some really nice items through reward stores and gift cards. Through Cashback with Rewardit, you can redeem your cash whenever you want to, or you can keep on letting it add up. 

While most people think of the rewards from these sites as small potatoes, the truth is that you can build up to some quite luxurious gifts, or take the money to purchase whatever you want. 

Bling, Bling, Bling 

Diamonds are luxurious. Every women wants them. With the right amount in your rewards account, you can buy diamonds. Is it a ring, a pair of earrings, perhaps a 2 carat tennis bracelet? How about all three. The serious reward surfer can meet these goals, and it is not as hard as you think. 

Big Screen Televisions 

While you have longed for that big screen, super slim plasma television for a long time, that goal may not seem so far away now. A serious reward surfer can garner that prize in less time than you think. That television will be that much sweeter every time you watch it, knowing that you earned it and got it for free. 

Camera Equipment To Die For 

Most people have purchased a camera, for others, high class, expensive cameras are their most desired items. You can think even bigger. With the money you save in your reward site account, you can own the cameras the photographers use, the kind that actually need their own insurance policy. Reward points can be redeemed as cash, so that you can buy that camera you have longed for, or you can save even more by redeeming your points for a camera in the reward store. 


Have you been saving for a new refrigerator, perhaps a better dishwasher, nicer oven? All of these large purchases, which usually take years to save up for, are within your reach, with reward account money through programs like Cashback with Rewardit. Luxury can be bought, and it can be earned, and you can purchase it for free. Being able to wear a big rock on your finger, watch your big plasma TV, or take pictures with your photographer-camera are all great incentives to shop and use your reward site every time you shop, play a game, or surf the web.

Dainty Ashley: Hair Trinkets for your Princess

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

If you are looking for a site where you can buy cute and affordable hair trinkets for your little princesses, then you should definitely check out the online shop of my good friend Mai named after her cute daughter, Dainty Ashley.

Dainty Ashley sells cute hair trinkets like headbands, clippies, ponytails, bows and more. Each of the hair accessories is handmade and is personally made by my friend herself.

Just look at some of the cute stuff that she has in her store:

Watch out also as she will be releasing a collection called the Dainty Pearl Hair Trinkets Collection where she will donate a part of the sales from this collection to Project Pearls, the NGO providing outreach programs to the families in Ulingan Village in Tondo.

You can find Dainty Ashley in Facebook. Like their page:

On Jewelries

Saturday, June 16, 2012

I have been keeping my earring in my jewelry box for a couple of years now. Last December, we got a new yaya who is the daughter of my mom’s friend. I actually have bad feelings for this girl but my mom has recommended her, so I just ignored my gut feel.

On the eve of Christmas when the house was very busy, the yaya disappeared and it was only the next day when I thought of my jewelry box and alas, it was gone. It contained my earrings and Bela’s necklace and bangles.

Even if I don’t use an analytical balance, I will know the true value of these jewelries, as these are gifts from my parents so it has a sentimental value.

I got mad and depressed, but then I realized that these are just material possessions. I am thankful because the yaya decided to just get these jewelries rather than hurting my kids or take them with her.

With the right timing, these material possessions can be easily replaced. Now if only I have the extra budget now, this will be a good replacement to my missing jewelry:
Snagged from my friend, i_am_cynch, Instragram account.

Circus Theme for Sweet Royals

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Sweet Royals was invited to another event again and this time, it is for a circus themed party:

We will have upcoming events this month and we have bookings already for October and November so contact us now if you want to know how can Sweet Royals add fun to your events like Baptism, Birthdays, Weddings, Corporate Events and more.

One of the secrets for the success of Sweet Royals is the kind of candy that we use for our Candy Buffet Station and we only buy from a trusted Online Candy store where there is a lot of variety of candies so we will have various options no matter what theme we will setup.

So for your candy buffet station needs, contact Sweet Royals now.

The New Me

I have very tick and wavy hair that I always need to get a regular hair treatment like a hair rebond to make it more manageable. But ever since I got pregnant, I refrain from having any hair treatment, as I don’t want to risk the bad effects that it might do to my pregnancy.

But even after giving birth, I still did not have any hair treatment because I was breastfeeding. But I can no longer take my unruly and unmanageable hair and so I asked around and did some reading and I learned that hair rebonding has no known side effects even if I am breastfeeding.

So last week, I was able to find time and visit a salon (which is just below our house. LOL) and I had my hair rebonded after almost three years and this is now my new look:
Ang gaan gaan ng feeling

I forgot already how it feels to have soft and manageable hair because it has been ages since I last have this kind of hair and I am really loving my new look.

My Joys

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Some of my joys recently:

  • The best ebook that I have in my iBook account, which keeps me, company on my commute home
  • Our last weekend in Tagaytay 
  • 2 days of just staying at home as I need to rest because I was sick 
  • Anticipating the long weekend 
  • Another opportunity for a short vacation with my lovely family
and of course my favorite, my new shoes:
My Melissa Vivienne Westwood boots. I saw this from my sister and I told her that I really have to have this as I need one every time I go to Ulingan, especially now that it is already the rainy season. And I was so excited when my sister went home one night with these lovely boots.

My husband was smiling when he saw it and he even ask me if the gold buttons are really necessary when I first wore it last Saturday when we went to Ulingan. LOL.