How Can Location-Based Services Help a Company’s SEO and Marketing Strategy

Friday, May 18, 2012

They say that you still live in the stone age if up to now, you still don’t own a mobile phone. Almost everybody carries a mobile phone with them and these gadgets are getting sophisticated everyday as it is not just use for sending SMS and calling because it also offers a lot of additional features like allowing its user to surf the net, send emails, play online games, use different mobile applications, take pictures and more.

Another great feature that most mobile phones are equipped with now is its GPS capability. GPS can show a person’s real time location and because of this added functionality on cell phones, many developers have made applications that will utilize this GPS capability.

Some of these location-based services apps include FourSquare, Gowalla, Yelp, Facebook places and more. What this application does is it tracks the current location of the mobile phone user and it allows the user to search for nearby establishments and “checked-in” and all of the user's contacts on the same network are made aware of his/her location. Mobile phone users have used these applications as a great way to locate services like shops, restaurants, salons and the like and interact with their friends like organize a meet up after seeing friends who are in the same location. This provided an added convenience for mobile phone users but these location-based services not only benefits users, but it can help businesses as well.

Most companies now have established their own website or Facebook page to showcase and promote their products their services. These companies have been employing strategies and tools that will improve their site’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization) so they can get better positioning in the different search engines when consumers try to search for something. Companies employ these different SEO strategies to get notice and catch the attention of consumers that will eventually draw revenue for the business and these location based-applications can help in achieving that.

So how can these location-based applications help a business?

Foursquare is one of the first location-based applications that have been developed and is the most popular because it has the most number of users. In FourSquare, users “checks-in” to a location and the user’s real-time location will get published and will be seen by the users’ contacts in the different social networking sites. Also, users who “checks-in” the most to an establishment will get a reward and will earn the badge of being the mayor of the location and these mayors should be treated with special attention by business owners as they are the ones who has the most influence to promote your business. Users in these location-based networks can share feedbacks and tips that other user in the network can view and rely on when searching for any products and services.

These different activities in the location-based networks are an instant boost to the company’s marketing strategy then. Once any of the users of location-based service post his or her location by “checking in”, it gets shared to all the contacts, which is an instant promotion of the business. It therefore produces real time results as it can drive traffic to the company’s website and can influence the customer to go to the physical location of the establishment.

These location-based applications is also linked to various social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook, so all “check-ins” get published in these sites as well. This can improve a site’s SEO as it helps in getting the website of the company gets index by Google faster as links shared in these social networking sites is also being considered by Google in their algorithm when determining a site’s ranking. So the more mentions your site have, the faster it will get index and the better will be your site’s ranking.

Location-based services available for mobile phone users have proven to be an effective way to help improve a company’s SEO and marketing strategies. Since more and more people reply on their mobile phones for their day-to-day activities, businesses must really find ways to maximize the benefits that these location-based applications can do to their business to promote their products and services and eventually bring revenue for their company.

Author’s Bio: Abie is a Technology blogger and article writer. Her current project is for the website, where you can avail of professional t-shirt printing.

My Blogging Life and Web Hosting

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I started my first blog back in 2004 when I was preparing for our wedding. That blog became my journal as I document our wedding preparations. I did not know that I will be hooked into blogging but as time passes by I started to create blogs and register domain names for each of those blogs. I have created a separated blogs about my shopping wish list, another blog to document the life of my dear princess Bela and another blog to document my pregnancy for our second child.

It is nice to create blogs as I was able to maintain an online journal of our life. Someday, I can go back to these stories and reminisce all those good and bad days that my family and I have went through. These blogs then contains years and years of our life stories which I wish to keep so I have these stories to pass on to my children, my grand children and even to my great grand children.

My problem now is I am only using a free hosting and so I wish to look for a reliable web host where I can transfer all my blogs so they will just be in one server for easy management of all my blogs. So when looking for a web host, what features should you look for?

Here are my requirements: 
  • It should offer cheap web hosting services so it will still be affordable for an ordinary blogger like me who just wants to document our life stories. 
  • It should allow hosting of multiple domains.
  •  It should be backed by reliable Operating system running in top of line servers.
  • Cpanel control panel is desirable as it offers additional features that will make my blogging life easy like ftp, webmail, wordpress, and more. 
  • And lastly, it provides a fast sign up and payment process. 
So my search is on and hopefully I will be able to find a good web host that will meet all my requirements.

Twitter Summer Outing 2012

Monday, May 14, 2012

Last weekend, I celebrated mother's day with the most fab mommies I know, my Twitter buddies:


We spent our weekend in La Triel Resort, one of the private resorts in Pansol, Laguna together with our families. We arrived Saturday morning and the kids immediately jumped into the pool as soon as we reached the resort.

This summer outing was organized by our group's organizer, Jacqui and everything was really well planned from the food assignments per family, the room assignments and even the activities lined up for the day.

It was a weekend full of fun because we were able to spend some quality time with our families and when the kids are all pass asleep by night time, the mommies had fun with the videoke with chika on the side while the daddies enjoyed their beer while playing porker.

By Sunday morning, it was great to wake up and celebrate Mother's Day with all these fabulous mommies around me. It was indeed a very fun weekend and hope we can do this again soon and this time, with all the Twitter buddies present.

Proud to be: Project PEARLS Volunteer

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Hubby is asking me to look for rustic outdoor furniture that he plans to purchase for his soon-to-be renovation project of our house in the suburbs but I have to make this post first. I just like to share about one accessory that I will love to wear all the time:

MAY PAD 6/31: You - Proud Volunteer.  Got my badge today @bebepeachy To follow pa ung kay Howell

My Project PEARLS badge. This badge is given to active PEARLS volunteer. I learned about Project PEARLS from my good friend Peachy. PEARLS is the group that is helping the families in Ulingan.

My first time in Ulingan was last December 24 when we attended their Breakfast with Santa Project. We were not able to go back since then because our son has Gymboree class every Saturday morning. We were only able to come back during the graduation of the students from the PEARLS Day Care Center last March.

By April, Cobi's Gymboree class is already finish so my husband and I were able to go back to Ulingan almost every Saturday that we are free. I love going to Ulingan because it is our way of paying forward all the blessings that we have been receiving. It is also hard not to miss the kids as they are all very sweet and loving.

I am thankful that I have found a new family in Project Pearls and in Ulingan and I pray that God will continue to give us more strength and energy, that despite of our busy schedule we will always be able to find ways to spend our Saturday mornings with the kids in Ulingan.

Cutting Through The Stress Of Financial Strife

Friday, May 4, 2012

Stress is an expectation—but it’s one you’ve learned to mostly master. The demands of your family, your career, and your lifestyle are carefully balanced each day. Redefining chaos has become a familiar chore. Too often, however, does all of your hard work fail in the wake of financial problems. A paycheck-to-paycheck existence proves too much to overcome, and worry soon dominates your every thought.

Change is needed. Economic stress is all too common, and trying to battle it may seem impossible. Implementing a lifestyle plan, however, can prove useful in reducing your worry and saving your money. With the steps below, you can transform your finances through budgeting, accumulation, and short-term loans.

Create a Budget

Image from Flickr

The notion of a budget often seems surreal—with most families siphoning away every penny each month, and trying to cover an endless list of expenses and desires. Choosing to reshape daily costs, however, can offer relief. Examine every purchase. Decide what items are important (utilities, groceries, and credit card debt) and what can instead be forgotten (an excess of take-out meals, weekend vacations, and entertainment). Create a budget that reflects your family’s immediate needs rather than immediate wants.

Choose to Save 
A bank account rarely offers more than a few spare coins. Every deposit is instead spent before it even gathers a hint of interest. Create a savings account to counter this. Place a pre-determined amount of money each week into your account, allowing it to accumulate over time. These savings will provide ways to address long-term needs like renovations and repairs and may also serve as an emergency fund if needed. Try to avoid depleting this account unless it is essential.

Understand the Value of Loans

Sometimes a paycheck isn’t always enough to sustain your family’s needs. Accidents, emergencies, and other unplanned expenses can instead arise leaving you with no way to pay and no time to even pretend you can. You can get cash fast when you apply for a payday loan. These short-term options may provide you with immediate funds, allowing you to borrow against a future check. They are subject to approval and will demand interest, but they may still offer ways to fund expenses and unexpected problems brought by emergencies

Form a Plan and Follow It

Financial stress is often difficult to avoid. Developing a plan and religiously following it helps eliminate concerns. Adapt your lifestyle to budgets, savings accounts, and short-term solutions in order to keep you stress-free even during emergency situations.

Facial & Diamond Feel for Me

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I was looking at the mirror and I realized that I have not been taking good care of my skin. I have blackheads and pimples all over my face and I know that it is time that I go visit a dermatologist.

Luckily, I saw this deal from Ensogo, which entitles me to 6 sessions of 30 minute facial plus 15 minute of diamond peel from Zen Institute. One of their branches is very close to us, which is located in Sofitel so I think this is a best deal for me.

The package is valued at P22,050 and I only got it for P1,349. The voucher is valid up to July only so I have to make sure that I get to book a session every 2 weeks so I can fully maximize this voucher.

I can’t wait t have my first session which I am scheduling either this Friday or next Friday.