On Skin Care

Monday, April 23, 2012

I am thankful since April has been a very busy month for me and this means that we are covered financially for this month. The problem though is I have been sleeping late for the past weeks and this resulted to acne breakouts.

I have no choice as I can only work at night after putting my kids to sleep and with still my long list of backlogs, I am pretty sure that this pattern will still continue.

This made me realize that it is time to give attention to my skincare and I will definitely try seaclear skin care products as recommended by a friend. At least even if I continue having sleeping patterns like this, I will have some way to protect my skin from aging and pimples.

Hope this will work for me as I don’t want to look haggard and I would still like to look pretty and presentable even if I am working hard to provide for the needs of my family.

Bag Look for Less

Hubby and I is planning to do some renovation work for our house like the replacement of mannigton laminate flooring in the kitchen and the redesign of our bedroom. So I know that I will not have a budget again for a purse purchase this year.

But I discovered that some of my loved bags has a much cheaper counterpart because I can easily find a bag that has a similar style and look from other more affordable bag makers like Charles and Keith.

Let us take a look at some of them:
• Charles and Keith

Chanel 2.55

• Charles & Keith

Proenza Shoulder PS.1

• Charles & Keith

Cambridge Satchel

• Charles & Keith

Bottega Veneta

The materials used by Charles and Keith for their bags are of high quality leather also so this can really be a good alternative without breaking my bank account. At least with these bags, I will be able to satisfy my bag love for a bit. LOL.

What Your Bag Says About You

Are you interested to know what your chosen “IT” bag says about your personality? Just take a look at this, which I found in Pinterest from refinery29.com: 

This is really funny because in a way, there is really some truth to it. I especially like the one for the Cambridge Satchel because I have long been eyeing to get the purple one for myself. It says that it is the preferred bag by bloggers and editors under 30 (well because bloggers like me can only afford this bag. LOL).

Looking at the picture, my next bag of choice should then be a Celine bag as I am a working girl who caries in her bag more than just a cell phone and lip-gloss as I have in my purse all my credit cad bills, my big bottle of perfume, umbrella, and more clutter.

Thanks for this, I finally was able to figure out which bag best suits me. Now if only I have the budget to buy a Celine. LOL.

Bagshop.com: 10% Off

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I was looking for toshiba coupons as we are looking at purchasing an LED TV for our room but look what I end up with:

I am now checking the site of the Bagshop.com as I learned that they are offering a 10% discount for all the items in their site in celebration of Spring. Brands like Chantelle, Simon Perele, Hanky Panky, Wolford, Long Champ, and more are included in the sale so you can get discounts when you purchase any wallet, handbags, swimwear, intimate apparel and more.

Long Champ just released the Spring/Summer 2012 collection so this discount is a perfect timing to grab a new spring bag on a discount.

To avail of this promo, you just need to use the coupon code “bagshop” at checkout. As always, this offer also comes with free ground shipping for all items $75 and up. So what more could you ask for?

The Case of the Lost Bag

Last Saturday, we attended the beautiful party of Margaux at Blue Leaf in Mckinley Hill. As what we always do, we always leave our things on our assigned table as the moms and dads attend to their kids during the games, during eating time, as we do our part in being stage parents during the fashion show and more.

When the party ended and it is time for us to go home, we were surprised when a friend told us that her bag is missing. We looked everywhere, under the adult table, in the kids’ area, etc. I thought that it was a joke when I learned about it but minutes passed and still no bag, and so that is when I realized that it is true.

The bag contains wallets, makeup, jewelries and even rechargeable batteries and it is gone. Thankfully my friend was able to save her iPhone as she was using it to take pictures of her kids and her iPad as her husband was using it during the party.

We all learned our lesson after the event. This is a very bitter and painful way to learn that lesson. But we are all thankful that it is just a material thing that was lost and nobody got hurt. At least we know better next time.

7 Pounds Down

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Before and After:

MARCH PAD 20/31: Before/ After

From 125 pounds to 117 pounds. Thanks to the Calorie Counting diet that my good friend Jody recommended to me.

I had a hard time at first maintaining the 1200 daily calorie. On my first few weeks, I always exceed my daily calorie limit but after a while, my body learned to adjust. I even was able to avoid sodas which I can’t live without before so I am really happy as this is a healthy change for me.

My target is to reach 110 pounds which is my pre-pregnancy weight but my parents and my husband are telling me that I am too thin already.

But with the upcoming long weekend, I am sure I will be pigging out again as my aunt and my grand mother will surely prepare a lot of food, which what they usually do when all us are together.