Steps to Undertake when Arrested for Drunk Driving

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

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On a first time DUI arrest, things can get scary. You may never have been to jail, and you have no idea where to turn or what to do. The first thing to do is sober up and calm down. Once you are level-headed, you can begin to deal with the situation. Call a trusted friend or family member, and contact a lawyer. Each state handles DUI charges differently, but a few things are consistent no matter where you received the DUI charges.

Step One
Find out exactly what you are charged with. It may be a simple DUI, but if you resisted your arrest or had possession of any illegal substances or items, the charges may be more complicated. Make sure you understand what you're charged with so you can proceed the correct way. Officers are legally obligated to tell you the charges against you.

Step Two
Contact a lawyer at Do not discuss the details of the case with your friends or family over the phone at the courthouse or jail, because these lines are not secure and whatever you say there can be used against you in court. Wait until you are alone with your lawyer to explain the situation and your side of the story. Your lawyer will advise you about who else you can speak with and what information is okay to tell.

Step Three
Your attorney, family or friends can help you post bail. Once you're out of jail, you should be very careful to stay out of any more trouble. Judges are more lenient when a person makes a one time mistake, but when drinking and driving or other alcohol related problems become recurrent issues, you can end up in much more serious trouble. Stay out of bars and away from parties or other events where alcohol is being served.

Step Four
Make all your court appearances, meetings with your lawyer and other required hearings or meetings on time. If you appear to take responsibility for your dilemma and are willing to make things right, you'll get far more understanding from the judge. Act in a way that appears you are serious about facing the issues and are willing to take responsibility for your actions.

Step Five
If drinking is a serious problem for you, you need to consider getting help. A single DUI after an office party is one thing, but habitual problems at work, in school, in personal relationships and with the law due to drinking is an indication of alcoholism. If you drink to excess frequently, you could end up in prison or worse. Get help before your DUI arrest leads to something more serious.

Things to Look Out for When Searching for an Apartment

Monday, March 26, 2012

When you look for an apartment, you will have your own set of personal conditions that should be met. A lot of times, people don’t look for the same things in an apartment. However, there are some things to look for in an apartment that you would be wise to keep in mind regardless of your personal tastes.

Rules on Pets
If you plan to have furry friends in one of the apartments in Fort Wayne Indiana, you're going to have to know something about your potential apartment's rules on them. If you're a dedicated animal lover, a rule against having any pets might be a deal breaker for you. Additionally, you might want to ask if there's a possibility of simply paying a deposit for your pet(s).

Responsibility for Utilities
Who pays for the utilities? If you do, you need to know which ones you'll be responsible for. Also, you'll want to ask questions about how much each utility tends to cost over an average month. The more you know about these expenses, the better prepared you'll be.

Relative Location
How far is the apartment you're looking at from the local cultural district? How far is it from your job or your school? You need to decide on how long your commute is going to be, and your apartment's location is going to dictate that more than any other factor.

Your Landlord
If you can't stand to be around your landlord, you're going to have a hard time renting from him. If he seems like the kind of person who won't fix anything unless it's about to explode, you can look forward to having a lot of little problems that will irk you until the day you move out. Indifferent landlords are a tenant's worst nightmare, so knowing a thing or two about whoever manages where you're going to stay is a great idea.

Ease of Parking
If you don't have a car this isn't too important, but in Indiana most people do. How close can you park to your potential apartment? Is there space for extra cars to park if you want to have a few friends over? While parking might not seem like a big deal at first, over time having to walk a hundred yards through the complex every day can become annoying.

There's a lot to look out for when you're checking out potential apartments. How easy it is to park, how cool your landlord is, and where the place is in relation to what you need are all very important. On top of that, things like who is responsible for the utilities and the rules about pets are also good to know before you sign anything. Keep your eyes open and you should have a good experience.

Sneak Peek of Lucky Chinatown Mall

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Last Friday, we were finally able to check out the newest mall near our place that is trending in Twitter, Lucky Chinatown Mall.

Finally, naka usyoso din sa Lucky Chinatown MallLucky Dragon @ Lucky ChinatownAttractions at Lucky ChinatownNaka sideline pa ng laro sa Chinatown

I don’t have much back log that day so I asked hubby if we can take a short drive and visit Lucky Chinatown Mall. We were a little disoriented at first when we arrived as we don’t know where the entrance to the parking lot is and the sidecar boys that we asked kept on insisting that we park along the streets. Thankfully the mall’s security guard pointed us to the right direction.

There are still a lot of stores that are close but I am really excited to see the list of stores that will soon be opening like Cotton ON (I hope their prices are not that expensive compared to Singapore), Aldo, Charles and Keith, my favorite Baby Fashionistas for Bela and many more.

I am excited too for the restaurants like Sambo Kojin which is like Yakimix, Bulgogi, Bonchon, etc.

As usual, we just went to Toy Kingdom as we were with the kids but I hope I can explore this mall soon with my shopping buddies.

Tears of Joy

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

As we sat on church chairs and watched as the bride walked down the aisle to meet his soon-to-be husband, I caught this on camera:

Tears of Joy. Awww. Ang sweet.

My cousin was crying as he was waiting for his bride. I know these are tears of joy. They have been together for a long time now and I know that they have been through a lot that is why I believe that they truly love each other as they survived every trials that came their way.

Bridal march never fails to make me cry but all the more I was touched when I saw the site of my cousin. I know that he is really happy as he is marrying the love of his life.

Gosh, I really love weddings and if only there is no money involve, I would be glad to go through this every year (of course with the same man. LOL).

All Dolled Up

I posted in my previous entry my picture when I had my fitting for the dress that I will be wearing for my cousin’s wedding. And now here is how it came out on the actual wedding day:

Ang God Father at ang Kabit. HehePanauhing pandangal

I love how my gown turned out. I had a hard time deciding what style to ask the couturier to make for me, as I have to hide my bulges and post-pregnancy fat. Of course I don’t want to look like I am wearing medical scrubs because the style does not complement my figure so I have to choose a design that will hide my big tummy.

So after various researches on the Internet and consulting with my online friends, I finally decided to go with my first choice but had ask the couturier to alter the design a little to make it empire cut to hide my bulges.

And the design was really effective. I really feel good wearing it and thanks to my hair and make-up too that adds to my confidence that day.

Questions to Ask When Consulting Personal Injury Attorney

Thursday, March 15, 2012

If you or a loved one has been injured, it may be time to seek the help of a professional personal injury attorney. Finding an attorney at the best of times can be difficult and time-consuming, so it is even more so when there is an injury involved.

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While many people think of personal injury attorneys in a negative light — that they are ambulance chasers only looking for the easy pay out — this is not generally the case. Most of these types of attorneys are caring professionals who do have your best interests in mind. With their specialized training and knowledge, they can be considered a very good ally to have in your corner during this stressful time.

Here are a few things to look at, as well as questions to ask your potential attorney that will help you make an informed decision.

Check with your local bar association for a list of licensed personal injury attorneys. You can also check with the American Bar Association’s website for local attorneys. This website can also provide other legal information that may pertain to your situation.

Ask your friends and relatives for referrals. This is especially pertinent if your friend or family member has experienced a similar situation. You can ask them about how the attorney communicated and treated him or her. Additionally, you may find information about how the legal issues were resolved, and whether your friend felt comfortable with the attorney.

You can also ask your current attorney for a referral. For instance, while your business or tax attorney may handle your business or financial matters, he or she is probably aware of an attorney who could handle your case. Most attorneys are very willing to share referrals with their clients. This is an especially important reference tool if you are looking for an attorney in a specific location, such as a Chicago or Cleveland personal injury claims attorney. Other attorneys in the same area know their colleagues well.

Ask Questions
Once you have a created a list of potential attorneys, set up appointments to meet them personally. During these meetings, you should ask the attorney things such as:
• Has that attorney handled dealt with cases like yours;
• Did he win or lose those cases;
• How difficult will it be to win your particular case;
• What the fees will be for your case.

Your potential candidate may request that he or she be able to get back with you if they can’t provide an immediate answer. This may be because this attorney needs to research the particulars of your case.

Make sure you ask questions and receive solid answers about the attorney’s billing structure. You should understand whether it will be on a contingency basis, a flat fee or other type of fee basis. Make sure you get this in writing before hiring the lawyer.

With just a little homework and research, you will be able to find an attorney who can help you settle you or your loved one’s injury case in a manner that is satisfactory to all.


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

This is my entry for March’s Photo-a-day Theme Sunglasses:

MARCH PAD 16/31: Sunglasses - I never really invest on sunglasses before. I2i lang ok na ako. Pero nakakahilo sya at madali masira. Hehe. Ang 1st investment ko ng sunglasses, was the one on the right. Mango shades na mura pa din. My aviator ang 2nd big in

I never really invest on good sunnies. I only buy those i2i shades as I rarely use it anyways and I only would want one if we will go to the beach. My first real investment for shades was the one on the right. It was a Mango sunnies and I think I even got it on sale. This shade has gone a long way already and has traveled with me to Europe and US but then I dropped it and it made a dent on the lens.

I know I need good quality shades as I experience eye problems when my cornea got infected after having sore eyes and so I thought that I should give myself a price and finally decided to invest on quality shades and Rayban was my choice.

DJ Mo Twister said that it has been proven that shades can improve the way you look by 15%. 25% if it an Aviator. LOL. This is a joke but I believe that I feel more confident (since it hides my eye bags. LOL) every time I am wearing my Aviator and I am glad I made the investment.

Pipit & Hazel: The Wedding

Sunday, March 11, 2012

My cousin had a vintage themed wedding yesterday. It was super fun and we are thankful for all the family and friends who celebrated with our cousin on their special day:

There are so many things that the couple is thankful for:
1. The presence of the special people in the lives of the couple who all stayed till the end of the program.
2. Beautiful venue, Baluarte de San Diego Gardens with a very nice ambiance, thanks to patio furniture clearance.
3. The good weather. It was raining almost everyday the past weeks and so my cousin was really worried as they have a garden venue. I told them to offer eggs to Sta. Clara. My cousin and his wife bought eggs and they were surprised as the name of the cashier where they bought the eggs is Vicky and the total of their bill is 126. Vicky is our aunt, the groom’s mom, who died from cancer and her birthday is January 26 (1.26). She is indeed looking after her family.
4. The good food by Blue Petals
5. The beautiful event styling of the venue by our cousin Pido, the owner of Ambiance by Pido.
6. The surprise performance of their friends and the surprise AVP from the groom’s family.
7. And everything else that transpired that day.

Congrats again to Pipit and Hazel. We love you!!

Gown by Farley de Castro

Friday, March 9, 2012

My gown for tomorrow:

For my cousin's wedding on Sat. Wag pansinin ang kilikili ko. Papatahi ko pa yan sa mananahi ko sa next fitting namin. Hehe.

I had it made by my favorite Farley de Castro. I have known Farley during my w@w days and he was the one who made the gowns of all my relatives for our wedding. Since then I always come to him if I need cocktail dress or formal wear for weddings and for events at the office that I need to attend.

I love the quality of his gowns. The beadworks are very beautiful and is well fitted that I don’t need a vhb tape to hold it together. LOL. And the best part is it is very affordable.

That is why when I learned that my cousin is getting married, I know that I will turn to Farley again for the gown that I will be wearing for the wedding. And my aunts and cousins all had their gowns made by Farley too and they are all happy with the finish product.

We are all so excited to dress up tomorrow and be with our cousin as he says I do to the love of his life.

Shopping for the Perfect Lippie

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I’m no makeup expert here and I only rely on tips from friends when it comes to buying my own makeup but I started shopping for a lippie last year and I got hooked. Thanks to my online friends, I was able to get a couple of ideas on what color to buy. But I realized that it’s not easy buying a lippie online. You can’t try it out on your lips so you are not even sure if it would fit your look. This is my #1 lesson learned. Never buy a lippie online especially if it’s a new color that you are purchasing. Make sure that you buy from a mall and try a couple of swatches.

As for choosing the right color for you, it depends on what you really like or what outfit you always wear. If you are always on the safe side, go for the color that would blend in your lips. Don't go more than a couple of shades lighter or darker than your natural lip color. Consider your skin tone too. If you have fair skin, go for colors with blue undertones, especially roses and pinks. With olive skin warm plums and can pull off beiges would be nice. And with dark skin choose deep, deep crimsons. Of course you will have to consider your hair color too. The lighter your hair color is, the brighter your lip color will look.

Because of things like this confirm that it’s really fun being a girl!

Michelle is a freelance writer who blogs about beauty and fashion. She recently blogged about tasker (bags) and other great finds perfect for Spring.


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

And the winner is:

MARCH PAD 7/31: Something you wore - My Bubuyog Shades, Craving lipstick & Polka Dot Blouse

Medium Rayban Aviator, Brown Shades with Gold Frame, Polarized

I am so set already in buying the aviator in brown shade and gold frame but with the light adjusting featuring instead of the polarized lens but hubby (aka the manager) prefers the polarized one as the lens is darker so it will provide better protection for my eyes, which he says is what shades are made for.

My sister was teasing me because she knew from the beginning that I would end up buying the classic aviator style even if most of my friends and relatives voted for the cockpit when I asked for their opinion in Instagram.

But I am so loving my aviator. I am so happy about it that I used it the very next day and I am glad that I finally decided to get a quality sunnies as I can really feel the heat of summer already.

Garment Racks you need for your store

Monday, March 5, 2012

Header Tag: Different types of Garment / Clothing Racks

In a retail store, one of the most important Store fixtures that can help organize the things inside the store as well as decorate and achieve a theme are garment racks. is an online store which sells all kinds of store accessories and fixtures like clothing racks, Wooden Hangers, mannequin, plastic bags, price tags and more. They ship to any of the 48 states so they can cater to the requirements of every store across the country.

There are many different garment racks available which serves different purpose for every store and here are a few of those which are available from

1. Rolling Clothing Racks. Rolling racks are very useful since it makes it easy for the store to move around their items. They can use it in the stock room to hold extra inventory, can be use as a display rack and can be move around to complement the concept and theme of the store, or can be used also during sale and promos where the store can display their stocks outside the store and can be kept if they are already low in inventory. has different kinds of heavy duty rolling racks that can withstand even the heaviest garments. Here are a few of them:

Collapsible Salesman Rolling Rack
Collapsible Double Bar Rolling Rack
Heavy-Duty Z-Rolling Rack

They even have the Classic collection rolling rack which has a very elegant design and can be use for displaying store items with style.

2. Boutique Garment Racks. Boutique garment racks have been specially designed to be used as display racks for different types of boutique items like hats, hand bags, and more. Some are even adjustable to accommodate the different display requirements of each store and is durable and heavy duty so it can carry multiple items at the same time.

Some of the boutique garment racks that can be bought from includes Chrome Two-way Handbag with adjustable arms for displaying handbags or other garments, Classic Collection Revolving Hat Rack which can carry up to 50 lbs of multiple hats, and Chrome Spiral Garment Rack / Clothing Rack which has 29 balls providing for a lot of hanging space and has a stem & card holder to catch the attention of customers.

3. Classic Collection Racks. have different racks with a classic look which are made from coated midnight bronze metal that have arches, curved legs and more that can give your store a vintage or unique look.

Here are some of the racks from their Classic Collection:

Garment racks does not only provide storage and organization for a retail store but can be a good way to add an identity and style to the store. There are a lot of garment racks available and every retail store will sure to find the rack that they need from

Getting Out of Your Traditional Shell

Fax machine in my office

Fax machine in my office (Photo credit: Nathan Rein)

Online Faxing: A New Breakthrough in Faxing Technology

Offices and most stationery stores have fax machines. And for the longest time, if you wanted to fax something, you had to take it to work, or go to the nearest office supply store. For a fee, you could fax your document wherever you wanted to, with the rate depending on where you will send it.

If you need a loan, you need to fax the application. If you want a job, you need to fax the application. If you need to place an order, you need to fax it to the company. Is investing in a fax machine the right choice? Unless you need to fax on a regular basis, you probably do not need one. A fax machine is costly, and it will take up a lot of space on your desk or in your office.

Is the answer to run out to the office supply store every time you need to send a fax? Not anymore. There are online fax services that can take care of your faxing needs. These services make it so easy to send a fax, and they do all the work, saving you time and money.

It is time to think out of the box. Online fax services from Metrofax not only offers you the opportunity to fax your documents right from your computer, but also, through your communication devices. Messages are sent to your cell phone when you receive a fax, and you can send a fax right from your cell phone as well.

For personal use, an online fax service makes so much sense. You subscribe to the service, pay a small monthly fee, and the services are available to you for the entire month. You can send faxes from your home computer, your laptop, and even your smart phone. The service will notify you when you receive a fax, and you can retrieve it through the same personal devices.

Fax machines, while still needed for the larger companies, are becoming obsolete. For personal use, as well as small businesses, an online fax service can take care of all of your faxing needs. It is more economical for the small business owner. It is easy to use and more accessible than trying to find an office supply store every time you need to send a fax. Using an online fax service can free up your time for the more important things.