Aviator Talk

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I first tried Rayban Aviators in SM Harrison Plaza but they don’t have the brown shade in gold frame that I like:

FEB PAD 10/29: Self Portrait - Trying Rayban Aviator.

My friend Peachy told me that she was able to try on the shade that I like in SM San Lazaro and so when I went there to buy something at National Bookstore, I did not pass the chance to try on some Rayban shades again.

The Sales Attendant who attended to me asked me to try the Classic Aviator and the Cockpit style:

Adik lang. Ano mas bagay?

Which do you think looks nice on me?

I really love the classic aviator shape as I fell in love with it a long time ago but my husband and my sister is saying that the shape looks awkward on my face. LOL. What do you guys think?

These Raybans are available at 0% off payable in 6 months so I am really excited as I can finally own my first ever Rayban, that is if I can make a decision soon.

Melissa is Love

Saturday, February 25, 2012

When I was pregnant with Cobi, I only wear one shoe every time I go out and it is the Melissa Campana. It is so comfy and it relaxes my tired feet even after walking for a long period of time (just like the kind of relaxation that you get after an Orbeez Soothing Spa ).

Since then, I have come to love Melissa. And I am so lucky because my sister works as an Area Manager for Melissa so she gets first hand information on sales and upcoming releases just like this one:

FEB PAD 23/29: Shoes - I like. Soon from Melissa.

I love the yellow and the red color and I am sure it will be as comfy as the other Melissa models. My sister has an employee discount so I am hoping she can buy this one for me at a discounted price too once it is out.

Spring Break Pinterest contest

Saturday, February 18, 2012

So speaking about sunglasses in the last post, a friend passed on this fun Pinterest contest for Spring Break I’d like to share. Basically, they give you topics to find pictures about and you “pin” them to a Pinterest board. Their instructions are way better than mine, so check out the site and you could win 2 free pairs of sunglasses AND a $50 Target Gift Card!

A Few Quick Tips on How to Use Pinterest

Tip #1: Go to Pinterest’s Goodies page and drag the “pin it” button into your internet browser toolbar so you can pin pictures from all over the web and not just Pinterest.

Tip #2: If you want to link to a specific site, just pin or repin your image to a board. Then click the image on your board and click “edit.” All you have to do from there is put your link in the “link” box and you’re done!

Tip #3: If you have a cool photo, you can upload them with the “+Add” link in the top right corner.

Tip #4: If you have a boring image and want to make it look really neat, play with it at Pixlr.com. They have some really neat effects that I used on the logo!

Tip #5: If you’re making an outfit, use Polyvore.com, trusted by pros everywhere. It takes about 10 minutes and looks great!

Author bio: Nate Schrader, an author for SunglassWarehouse.com, writes about anything from activities in shades to sun health to nifty internet tips. If you have any questions, feel free to tweet him @NSchrader411!


Sunday, February 12, 2012

How to get a nice tan?

Use mobile spray tanning equipment? Or maybe I should hit the beach and sport this nice aviator:

FEB PAD 10/29: Self Portrait - Trying Rayban Aviator.

I was at the mall last Friday while waiting for Bela’s Kumon class to finish and so I was able to try on shades from Rayban and Kenneth Cole. I have long been planning to invest on a good sunnies. I actually wanted to buy in the outlet store when we last went to the US but I lost interest when hubby said that it does not look good on me and is suggesting other models. (Hmmp).

But I really like the aviator (or at least something that has a similar shape) so up to now, my eyes are still set on the Aviator. I posted this picture on my Instagram account and my friends said that it looks good on me (contrary to hubby’s outlook. LOL).

This is being offered at 0% interest for 6 months. Should I get it or not? Summer is just around the corner and for sure I will make good use of this shade when we hit the beach for our family and friends’ outing.

Bags for Sale

Ok, ok I know I promised that I would be on a self-imposed purse ban for the next couple of years but I can’t take my eyes off these beauties:

These are some of the items that my friend Faye is selling. The price is really a steal and her terms are really good so I am really thinking to get it as my Christmas and birthday present for myself.

The items are still not here in Manila but my friend has already shipped it. My friend don’t have the dimensions of the bags as she forgot to take note of it before shipping it but I want to know how big the bag is before I really commit on buying it as I want big purses to hold all my clutter in my bags. LOL.

Hubby said that he would pay for it as his gift for me. I could have easily grabbed his offer but I still have to think about it really, really hard. See, I am learning now not to be an impulsive shopper. LOL

Balenciaga in Purple

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I got side tracked again and instead, my search for s video cables has led me to this:

My Internet connection was so slow that I just decided to check Instagram first and this is what I saw. My friend who lives in Boston recently uploaded this picture and this is the latest color for the Balenciaga bag.

Oh, I just love it. It is the right hue of purple that I like. This comes with the new hardware of Balenciaga and my friends said that it is called mini-giant (to replace the giant hardware that they used before for their bags).

I am sure that this color will be gone at the end of the season so I really have to get it now if I really want to own one of this new purple B bag. But the problem is, I don’t know where to get funds for this bag.

Oh well, I guess this bag will go to my vision board and wish list again.

D-Styling Bauletto Piccolo Bag

Saturday, February 4, 2012

I know, I know I should be browsing about emergency road service for the upcoming road trip to Bicol that my husband is planning with his siblings to celebrate my mother-in-law’s birthday, but look at what I have been browsing instead:

Picture snagged from saksfifthavenue

I really have no budget for a purse this year (and maybe for the next 5-10 years. LOL), but it wouldn’t hurt to shop around. At least I have more entries to include in my vision board.

My friend’s are going crazy over this Tod's D-Styling Bauletto Piccolo Bag and now I know why, it is indeed a real beauty plus the prestige that comes with it as I just found out that it is called the D-bag because it was named after Princess Diana when she passed away last 1997.

And now I am totally in love with this bag too after I saw that this bag is available in this hue:

Picture snagged from purseblog Forum: Posted by Meeju

A friend will be going to Italy this May and I know that it will be much cheaper to get the bag there so how I wish my sideline work will start to pick up again soon so I can finally give myself my much deserved reward – another purse, the D-bag.

TOMS Ballet Flats

When we went to the US last year, I bought a pair of TOMS as I know I would need a comfortable shoes for all the long walking that we will be doing during our 3-week vacation. And I am glad I did as it is really a very comfy shoe.

But let us face it, the look of TOMS is a bit rugged that it won’t look good if you are wearing a dress for work, or when wearing a party dress for night out with friends. So I got really excited when I received an email from them announcing the release of their ballet flats.

Just look at the styles and prints of their ballet flats:

I am sure it will be as comfy as their original style so I really can’t wait to own a pair of this TOMS Ballet flats. Hope that it is already available in their selected retailers here.

Coach Factory Sale

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I was looking for pentair pool pump online when I got distracted after receiving this email notification from Coach factory Outlet:

They will be having a sale which will run for two days only where bags, wallets, accessories and more will be sold at 70% off.

I panic on the day of the sale, as there are really a lot of nice find with prices starting only at $50, which is even cheaper than the Coach bag that I got from Outlet stores.

I was already eyeing on two bags but I encountered a problem when I tried checking out as there seems to be a conflict with my Philippine issued credit card and the shipping address, which in this case is the address of our friend in the US.

I shared the information to my good friend Peachy and I am glad that I did because she became my conscience and reminded me that I should be saving money, and not spending on items that I really don’t have an immediate need of.

Thanks to my friend Peachy and the very slow WiFi connection that we have in the resort where we stayed during the weekend, I was able to save my credit card from an impulsive purchase again.