For Pipit & Hazel's Wedding

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Cobi and Bela will be part of the entourage for the wedding of my cousin this March and the stage mom is getting really excited.

But I am not worried on what will they wear on the wedding as my cousin already took care in choosing the designs for their attire. Bela already went to the couturier last week for his measurement while I only need to look for coin cufflinks for Cobi and they are all set.

So I am more worried on what I will wear for the wedding. I have been checking Pinterest and some magazines and these are the designs that caught my fancy:

For me

I am just not sure though if it will look good on me especially with my still bulging tummy. LOL. Maybe I can just ask the couturier to use material that is not body hugging or maybe he can edit the style a bit to hide my tummy.

I did not have my measurements taken yet as I am hoping that I will still loose weight and trim down some of those unwanted bulges first. I have 3 weeks to do that as I was given until February 18 so that the couturier will have enough time to finish my gown, just in time for the March 10 wedding.

First Timer

First time for me to use this overnight LeSportSac bag that I bought in one of the outlet stores the last time we were in the US.


I got this for only $30 I think which is really a steal, as I know how steep the price is of this overnight bag. It is limited to one design though but I still decided to buy it, as I know that it will be the perfect bag for overnights such as our short weekend getaway last January 28 and 29.

The bag is spacious that I was able to fit all our stuff – my things which includes 3 set of clothes, 3 set of swim wear, PJs, toiletries and my aqua shoes; hubby’s stuff which is not that many as it only consist of 3 shirts and his swimwear; towel and bath robe for Cobi and Bela. There was even some more space left to add more things.

I am glad I purchased this bag. It looks durable and is spacious enough to fit all my knick-knacks every time we go on a short vacation.

What To Do About Unwanted Expenses

Monday, January 30, 2012

Unwanted and unexpected, expenses are a part of life for many people. Whether it is your car that needs some expensive repairs that you didn’t really expect, a new job that requires you to invest in a completely different wardrobe, or a medical emergency that requires you to visit a doctor or hospital, these types of unexpected expenses can wreak havoc on the most flexible and generous of budgets. However, there are a few things you can do to protect yourself for such impending financial disasters.

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Plan Ahead

There is a reason financial experts recommend having an emergency fund. Though they are not typically a regular occurrence, unexpected expenses are a part of life for almost everyone. When you are working out your budget, be sure to earmark a category for emergencies. Of course, the more money you have on the emergency fund, the better off you will be financially. But still, having a small fund for unwanted expenses is a good start.

Rework Your Budget

It is a good idea to leave some wiggle room when you make your budget. Having an extra cushion will help you weather those unwanted expenses more easily. If you discover that your food bill, for example, will be larger than normal due to a party you are throwing for all your friends, perhaps you can take some money from your clothing budget to cover the expenses for that month.

Cut Back On Non Necessities

Everyone have areas in their budget that they can cut back on. One good place to start is the entertainment category. By renting a movie to watch at home instead of seeing the latest blockbuster in the theater the weekend it comes out, you can save money that you can use for those unwanted expenses that crop up. Eating out less is another way that you can cut back on that area of your budget so you can meet all your financial obligations.

Get A Loan

If you need money fast but your budget has already taken a beating, personal cash loans can offer you the flexibility and the funding you need to get through these unwanted expenses. Loans such as these also offer you a way to get a larger amount of money quickly. Having access to such money can allow you the room you need to take care of your financial obligations; you don’t have to worry about having another crisis that can throw your budget into disaster mode.

Paying for Hospital Bills After Giving Birth

Although it may be in the back of your mind just after the birth of your baby, the hospital bills for having your child are there lingering, waiting for you to pay. At no other time in your life is it more important to do what you can to maintain good credit. This means, paying attention to those bills, even when it seems too soon to have to.

Tips for Paying Hospital Bills after Birth

Try to remember that there are many births each day and hospital recordkeeping is not foolproof. For this reason, set aside some time for investigating all of your childbirth bills. Make sure that there are no charges for double doses, procedures you did not receive, and any other anomalies that do not belong on your bill.

Be sure to call the hospital medical records and billing staff as soon as you receive those bills if there are issues that need to be corrected on them. The longer you wait the less seriously the bill collectors are to accept your claim of wrong charges.

Paying with Short Term Loans

No one should suggest to you that you need to go out and take a serious high interest rated loan that may eventually cause you to sink even further in debt. However, no fax payday loans from PayDay one can be just the solution you are seeking. This type of loan will give you those much needed emergency funds in your pocket, while not forcing you to snatch extra capital from your bank accounts.

Local Assistance

If you are having trouble meeting your bill requirements and still managing your current billing needs once you have received your no fax payday loans from PayDay one, use those resources to apply for local charity assistance and other available help such as reimbursements for medical care.

Talk to the Billing Department

If you talk to the billing department and tell them you are suffering from a financial hardship, they can also help to cut percentages of costs from your bill. They will also know some of the best charity opportunities that you can try in your locale.

Never forget that your credit is vital to your future. With bad credit you can expect to not be approved for car or home loans and may find yourself stuck in a rental situation far past its time. Stay ahead of those bills with no fax payday loans from PayDay One.

More Bday Celebration

Since budget is a little tight, I can’t afford to bring my entire family to the Manila Bay Cruise that we tried on my birthday. But of course I can’t miss celebrating my special day with my entire brood, so last January 22, I invited them over for a small pizza party at our house.

Since it also coincides with the Chinese New Year’s Eve, it turns out to be a birthday and Chinese New Year celebration for my family as well.

I just ordered pizza, pasta and chicken from Shakey’s and my Tita Jie cooked fish fillet and macaroni salad.

Sunday Dinner/CNY Celebration/Post Bday Celeb with my Family

We were able to drop by Binondo to buy Tikoy, so after the simple get together we had at home, I gave each family tasty Tikoy for good luck and more family togetherness (according to my Chinese friends).

My bday party give away. Haha

A simple get together, yet I was over the moon as I celebrate my special day with people that I love.

W@W Yearbook

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I am a proud member of weddings at works (w@w). W@w is an online community where brides and grooms to be help each other by sharing their feedbacks, tips, ideas to help each other fulfill the wedding of their dreams.

Almost all my suppliers for our wedding are all recommendations from my co-w@wies and though there are still unavailable glitches during our wedding, I believe that hubby was able to give me the wedding of my dreams.

A few weeks back, Benz (the founder of w@w) requested for pictures of w@wies so they can compile it in a W@W Yearbook and this is my entry:

abie and howell
Manila Cathedral / Baluarte de San Diego Gardens

As I was browsing through our wedding pictures, it made me want to get married all over again (but I think I have to loose weight first, otherwise I might need to wear one of those maternity wedding dresses. LOL).

On January 29, my husband and I will be celebrating our 7th year anniversary. How time flies. But I am really thankful to God for giving me my prince, my soul mate and if I am to go back in time, I will do it all over again with him in a heartbeat.

My 18th Birthday

Now that my birthday celebration is finally over, I can start planning for Cobi’s 2nd birthday party which I plan to celebrate with the kids from Ulingan Village of Tondo. I am excited as I need to look for souvenirs for the party (Do you think profire yoyo will be a good gift for the Ulingan kids?), and book the venue which I plan to have in SM Storyland so the kids from Ulingan can enjoy the rides after the party.

But before I go into party planning mode, let me post here first my 18th (LOL) birthday celebration. I had a very simple birthday celebration with my family last Thursday. As I mentioned in my previous post, I bought vouchers of the Prestige Manila Bay Cruise a few months back which is expiring on the 27th so I decided to use it for my birthday celebration.

I had to think twice if this is a good way to celebrate my birthday as I heard a lot of bad reviews about the tour. But we did push through with the plan because (1) I don’t want to waste the vouchers and (2) my family is up for the adventure.

So hubby fetched me from work and we went straight to CCP and we will just wait for the rest of my family there. Hubby ate merienda first as he can’t wait for the 8 PM dinner while waiting for the rest of our companions.

Registration time is 7 PM for the 8 PM boarding but we tried inquiring if we can already register as I notice people are starting to arrive already and I am glad we did as we are the first in line.

By 7:30 PM my parents arrived together with my two precious kids and my brother with his family. Boarding started a little after 8 PM.

Boarding was organized as they will call the passengers by group according to the registration list so we were the first to board the ship and we got good seats. The cruise will go around Manila Bay area until Mall of Asia while having dinner. Dinner was served at 8:30 PM and the reviews are correct, there is really a long line for the buffet but the waiters offered to get food for my parents and my sister-in-law and I because we are carrying a baby. The food is just so-so, nothing really spectacular and they all taste the same.

But despite the odds, we still had a great time. We enjoyed the view on-board the cruise and nothing can be more precious than the time that I spent with my family on my birthday. It doesn’t matter where we are or what we eat as it is the company of my love ones that made my birthday special.

One Saturday in Binondo with my GirlFriends

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Since I am not sure if I can take a vacation leave from work on January 23, where my friends will be meeting up to celebrate Chinese New Year in Binondo, I decided to join Peachy and Thea on their meet up in Ongpin last week.

Peachy will be accompanying Thea to buy her lucky charms and bracelets in Binondo and they will have lunch after. So after Cobi’s class from Gymboree, we went straight to Binondo to meet up with the girls.

We had a sumptuous meal and we even had a lot of leftovers. As usual, we all enjoyed the food – fried chicken, beef with broccoli, hot prawn salad (my favorite), yang chow fried rice, and lots of dumplings.

After lunch, we separated ways and we went shopping for hubby’s lucky charms too in preparation for the Chinese New Year.

It was a very nice way to spend our weekends with good friend and good food.

Jewelry Making

Saturday, January 21, 2012

My cousin need to come up with a fund raising project for their school and she asked for my help to come up with ideas. I searched the Internet for easy to make products that my cousin and her classmates can do and which they can sell after to earn some money and that is how I discovered jewelry making.

I found a site where there is a tutorial on how to make cute and fashionable jewelries like bracelets, earrings, id tags, cell phone charms and more. What is nice about this project is that it is very easy and fun to do so I am sure my cousin and her friends will not have a hard time as they start with this fund raising project.

Another good thing about jewelry making is that it only requires minimal materials and tools like pliers, Halogen Free Solder Paste, strings, beads, crystals and more and since the materials used are so affordable, their mark up price will surely be affordable for my cousin’s classmates and friends so they can easily sell them to make their fund raising a success.

Birthday Wish List

Sunday, January 15, 2012

January is my birthday month. I don’t want to get all excited as I will again be a year older (LOL) but I am thankful and grateful because God has given another year to enjoy life.

We have no definite plans yet on my birthday but I made reservations already for my family on the Prestige Cruises Dinner Buffet on my birthday as I have vouchers, which I purchased several months back. But I am contemplating still if we will push through with the plan as some of my friends mentioned bad feedback about the cruise experience so I am really thinking if it is a good way to celebrate my birthday.

I know we are a bit tight on the budget but if hubby would like to know my birthday wish list, then this will be it:

1. The purple School of Satchel bag

2. Corelle Plate
3. Spa voucher
4. speakers for computer
5. Overnight stay in a hotel or Aquatico resort
6. One extra vacation leave so I can just stay at home and be with hubby and my kids on my birthday

One thing I don’t like about my birthday month is that hubby and I are still recuperating from our Christmas expenses so we always end up not having a budget to celebrate our birthday with a blast. LOL.

But being surrounded by the people that I love the most on my birthday will be the best gift that I will ever receive.

Shopping for Office Space: Tips When Finding an Office Space for Lease

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

If you own a business, it is important that you have an office to conduct the day-to-day work of your company. It can be expensive to purchase a property to turn into your corporate office, especially if your business is just starting so most businesses opted on renting an office space instead.

So how can you find an office space for lease? It is fairly easy as you can easily find lot of information in classified ads in print or online to find a place to rent. Once you have shortlisted your choices, you can visit each one of them to actually see how the office space looks like as description placed in classified ads can be a bit exaggerated sometimes. Once you made a decision, you can seal the deal by signing the leasing contract.

But for businesses, before delving on the tasks of finding an office space to rent, here are a few tips that they should bear in mind to make their office-space searching hassle and headache free:

1. Define your needs. Before you start visiting office spaces in your shortlist, define the needs of your company. How many employees will be using the office space? Will the office be accessible all the time? These are just some of the questions that you have to ask yourself to define your needs. Aside from the aesthetics, the office space that you will be renting should be able to address these needs.
2. Set your budget. Once you have defined your needs, the next step is to set your budget. Rental fees can be quite expensive and can eat up a huge part of your company’s budget so you should know up to how much your company will be able to pay comfortably but still would be able to address the needs of your business. Check also the added cost like maintenance and utilities fee and this should be considered in your budget as well.
3. Consider the legal terms. Before signing up for the leasing contract, ask an attorney to check the leasing agreement. Considerations like, termination of contract if you need to move to a much bigger office space, the permission to remodel the office, hidden charges and fees stipulated in the contract and the like should all be checked to avoid the hassle of any legal problems in the future.

These tips will help any businesses to find the right office space that will be cost effective, functional and will address all the needs of the company.

My Current Fave

This is my current shoe favorite now:

My current fave

I got this on sale through my sister. I actually fell in love with this shoe (but in Bronze) when I first saw my friend wearing it. I could not afford to buy it as it is one of the most expensive shoes of Melissa. So when I learned that it is on sale, I asked my sister to get me a pair whatever color is available.

I am actually not that set on the red color when my sister show it to me in pictures but I still decided to get just so I can have my pair of Vivienne Westwood 3-straps. But then when I saw it in real life, I quickly fell in love with it.

Since then, I always try to wear shorts or dresses so I can wear her all the time. And it never fails to be a head turner as I will always see stares from stranger on my shoes. LOL.

Now I never regret buying her and I am happy because I have a second pair in lilac.

Finding the Ultimate Prom Dress

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The prom is the biggest day in the life of a teenager. This is the only time where they can spread glamour as wide as it can be than any other time. You will be considered as a road kill if you are not dressed fabulous on that day. These eager teens get the latest trend of the season to stand out from the rest that sometime their parents overspend for this. Anyhow, they will do everything to make their child happy because they also have been through this stage.

Months before the prom, the girls have been locating all the websites that sells prom dresses. They watch out for the hottest item of the time so they can have the latest designs since nobody wants to be a wallflower all night long. The fashion icons will tell whether short, petite, long or exaggerated is in stream at the moment. Once the right cut is established, now is the time to hit the websites and get the killer prom dress!

Right after the date was set; the youngsters each have their prospect on who to date on this extraordinary day. They try so hard to get their dream date just before the day comes and set some preparations like sharing the limo to their friends. This is the reason why young ladies of this age range want their frock to be flirty if not a lot sexier than anyone else.

These girls are fashion oriented that they correlate their personality to the dress they want to wear. Features like sexy, modern and customized for their persona are taken into consideration. Some youngsters want their prom dress to be lavishly sensational while others go for simpler but attractive cuts. Others go for static elegance while others go for gothic chic and there are young people that would love to be different from everyone that they overdo it.

There are just a few things to learn in finding the ultimate prom dress. Firstly is fab which means that you should get the prom dress that will best suit your silhouette and not because it is popular. Secondly is fun, which denotes that you should have an outfit that is perfect for your size since you do not want to faint during the prom because you cannot breathe in your gown. Lastly, have the time of your life. This is the day that you and everybody else in your class will remember all your lives so get the most out of it.

From : Artsy Wedding

Online Market Research: What Every Business Need

Sunday, January 1, 2012

I love shopping and I am glad that shopping for me is very accessible now even if I have no time to go to the malls as I can always shop anytime, anywhere I am through online shopping. I am glad that there are a lot of online sites available now and some are even utilizing famous social media sites like Facebook and Multiply to sell their products.

And even if this is just their platform to sell their goods, there are really some who are really making it big as they are starting to expand their business. One of those online stores is TopPicks Couture.

She started selling her nice items online via FaceBook and she now has a retail store in one of the biggest malls in the metro. I guess her secret is she listens to her clients by the customer satisfaction survey that her clients can fill up online so she can understand her clients better by getting feedbacks from them.

Any business, be it a brick and mortar store or online can really benefit from the different online market research services that Infosurv is offering. By using methodologies and tools to conduct prediction markets, Infosurv can give better data and information so that their clients can better understand and respond to the needs and demands of their customers.