Sunday, December 9, 2012

I am sick and I will be absent from work tomorrow. I started to feel sever back pain last Thursday but I thought it is just muscle spasm and I still went to work Friday. By Saturday, the pain is worse and I am starting to feel dizzy and weak already. I initially wanted to go to 168 to do some shopping but my mom insisted that I go to my doctor for check-up as I had the same case last year and the doctor even recommended that I be confined.

Good thing I decided to be a good girl that day and went to see my doctor and I was diagnosed to have an extreme case of UTI. Normal range for plus cells is 0-2 and mine was 10-20 so I am experiencing high level of infection.

I was given antibiotics and was asked to rest for 2-3 days. Hopefully I will be able to recover soon when the effect of the medicine kicks in after 72 hours. This is really not a good time as it is the time of the year again for an interim performance review especially if it is clearly written in our company’s employee warning notice condition for disciplinary action and the like.

But I am covered as I have a medical certificate to explain my case so I am staying in for tomorrow and have my much-needed rest.