Polythene Bags: How They Are Made and Types That are Available

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Polythene bags are usually crafted from low density polythene. They normally are referred to as clear poly or plastic bags. They have a variety of uses. Here is a closer look at the creative process and different types of these bags.

How These Bags Are Made

These bags are made from polythene film. This film is made using a blown process. Tiny plastic pellets are melted until pliable and then are pressed in a die that is circularly formed. The end result is a giant roll of plastic.

Polythene bags are created by cutting these rolls and heat sealing the edges. Plastic sheets are fed into a machine and measured to desired length. A seal is created and then cut to make each bag.

Types of Poly Bags

There are generally three classifications of these bags; medium low and very low density. As people are becoming more environmentally conscious biodegradable bags are now being produced as well. Two kinds of biodegradable polythene are starch based and additive based.

The most common polythene bag is found at store checkout counters. Retail stores will print logos on the outside for promotion. These bags are usually white in color. Garbage bags are also made from this material. They come in different sizes and thicknesses and are generally a dark color. Food storage is also a popular use for these types of bags. In this case the bags are clear small and contain a top device for sealing. Shrink bags are popular in homes with vacuum sealers made to keep foods fresher for longer periods of time. Besides the retail and food industries these bags are used in the medical profession as well. They are used to pack supplies or medical specimens. One final use for these bags is during the mailing process. These bags are used to send packages and keep them safe from becoming damaged by water.

Polythene bags have many uses. The process to make them is simple and they can be created in various shapes sizes and thicknesses. Many industries use these bags each day. To help the environment new technology is being developed to make them biodegradable.

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