My Christmas Wish List

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

If I were into sports like gymnastics or wrestling, I would really appreciate receiving a wrestling singlet as a gift. But since I am not, I have this as part of my Christmas wish list that I would like Santa (aka the hubby. LOL) to give me:

1. Another watch. My friend is selling this cute purple Marc Jacob watch payable in 2 months.

2. Mac Book pro. My current laptop is so slow that I am being less productive. If I have a faster laptop, I will be able to work more, which translates to more moolah for the family. LOL.
3. Staycation or an out of town getaway. I just wanted to take a break from my busy life and just relax, rest and spend some quality time with my family.
4. New purse. I have been a good girl this year that I did not buy even one single purse. The year is not yet over and I am still hoping that I can own at least one new purse before 2012 ends. LOL.