My Casio Illuminator

Thursday, December 6, 2012

My Casio Illuminator has finally arrived last week:

I must admit, I did not feel a “wow” factor when I first saw it. It is more beautiful in pictures than in person when I first had a look of it. My husband was even teasing me, because we bought 4 of this (one for me, my cousin, and my siblings) and he can’t believe we got an old school watch. But he really has no sense of fashion (LOL) and he is not aware that Casio is one of the “in” things for 2012 so I never got bothered really by his comment.

But I really fell in love with it when I wore it and all the more when I wore it with my arm candies.

Now I want another one. My daughter asked me: “Why do you need another watch when you already have one.” My dear daughter, I am sure when you are grown up you will understand that a girl can never have too many watches.