Dress Like a Toby Keith Cowboy for Your Next Country Concert

Monday, December 10, 2012

How much do you love country music? Enough to look the part? Imagine not only enjoying the sounds of a live country concert, but dressing the part. The next time you go see your favorite country singer live on stage, you can look the part. Here’s how to dress like a Toby Keith cowboy for your next country concert.

Start with the Hat
Image via Flickr by mike cogh
No cowboy is complete without his Stetson. But you can’t just go out to the store and by one of these genuine cowboy hats. You have to know what size is best for you, how to wear it properly, and how to take care of it. Do your research before buying your Stetson, and you’re sure to have a lifelong purchase.

Now the Boots
Image via Flickr by Wesley Fryer
A cowboy outfit isn’t complete without boots. But not just any boots; genuine cowboy boots. You can’t go to your local shoe store and buy the first pair of boots you see. You need to shop around for real leather boots that can take the wear and tear of working on a ranch and dancing around a saloon floor. Any cowboy boot worth wearing is one designed to be worn. Do your homework, and learn what makes a good pair of cowboy boots before you buy a pair.

Don’t Forget the Jeans 
Image via Flickr by mbtrama
Now that your head and feet are taken care of, it’s time to dress the rest of you. Start with a good pair of blue jeans. Blue jeans are the classic style of the American cowboy. Watch any of your favorite Western shows or movies, and you’ll see everyone walking around in jeans. Grab yourself a comfortable pair that fit you like a glove.

And a Great Belt Buckle
Image via Flickr by Parrotetina
Wear your jeans with a silver belt buckle, and you’ll have the look just right. But it can’t just be any belt buckle. Cowboys wear trophy belt buckles. You may want to select one with your initials, or an engraving of something important to you. You could even shop around for antique belt buckles that were trophies once upon a time. It doesn’t have to be your trophy to make it a genuine cowboy belt buckle.

Pick a Good Shirt 

Image via Flickr by Banjo Brown
Now that you have the rest of your outfit taken care of, don’t forget a good shirt to go with it. Most rustic, button-down shirts will do. They can either be long-sleeve or short-sleeve, depending on your taste. Any color will work, including plaid. But stay away from wild colors, designs, and writing. To make your shirt more authentic looking, iron it before wearing it.

Add a Bolo Tie 
Image via Flickr by Different Seasons Jewlery
The key to making your shirt look like a shirt a cowboy would wear is to add a fashionable Bolo tie. Some people will tell you that this accessory is not necessary, and will only make you look like you’re trying to look the part, but a simple bolo can add a little style to your outfit.

Now that you have the key ingredients to looking like a cowboy, you’re ready to buy your Toby Keith Tickets. Enjoy the show!