SmartPhone Features

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

We all heard the news about the on-going war between Samsung and Apple. Both companies would want to dominate the smart phone market and so they are utilizing all their design and engineering team in order to come up with the best phone in the market that would attract gadget lovers out there.

Almost everybody I know owns a smart phone, be it an iOS device or an android phone and they use it extensively for all kinds of stuff. So what are the features of a smart phone that attracts majority of the population? Here are a few of those:

1. Mobile Internet Access. iOs devices and android phones allow for mobile Internet access which allows one to surf the net on the go. If you have an iPhone 5 for example, you can play bingo online from your favorite website, as it uses the most advance LTE wireless technology for faster wireless data connection.
2. Built-in Camera. All android and smart phones now are equipped with a built-in camera that allows the owner to take high quality photos and videos. The cameras of these phones are even comparable to the standard point and shoot cameras. Since smart phones offer data connectivity, these photos and videos can easily be uploaded to social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more, directly from the phone.
3. Multimedia. Smart phones have large storage capacity and some even have expandable memory that it can be use to store music and videos so you can use the phone as your multi-media player on the go. The Samsung Galaxy Note II for example has a 16 GB of internal memory and can be expanded up to 64 GB, so that is a whole lot of storage space for all your music and videos.
4. Wide range of applications. There are a lot of available applications that can be installed on these smart phones that can expand its built-in features. Apple, for example, has App Store where one can download and install different applications that will add to the feature of your phone. You can install a calorie counter application for example; picture editing applications, multimedia player, and more.

These are just some of the many features that you can enjoy if you have a smart phone. So if you are thinking of something to buy for Christmas, why not consider getting these latest gadgets that you can use for fun and even for work.