Planning for our Christmas Family Reunion with the Help of Shiloh's List

Thursday, November 22, 2012

It has been a busy month for me as I planned and prepared for my daughter’s 7th birthday party. It was not perfect as there are glitches here and there but my husband and I achieved our goal, which is to make our daughter very, very happy on her special day.

And now that my daughter’s 7th birthday party is finish, it is time for me to plan for the next party for our family and it is our Christmas Family reunion.

Being an avid fan of Shiloh's List, I quickly browse through their site for offers that I can avail so I can plan for a fun family reunion without hurting our budget and I did not fail as I was able to find a lot of good deals. 

So what is Shiloh's List? Shiloh's List is a new discount shopping site where they compile all the good deals that they were able to get from different companies and offer it to their subscribers.

Just like this Mobile Bar party package that I wish to avail for our family reunion from Haley’s Mobile Bar. The deal is being offered at 25% off for a mobile bar package that is good for 50 person.

And to add fun to the party, I am thinking of getting the Photo booth package from Lightroom Photobooth being offered at Shiloh's List for just P3,500.

Party planning will really be this fun, easy and affordable if I will always count on discount shopping sites like Shiloh's List to get all my party suppliers. So what are you waiting for? Like their page on Facebook and sign up for an account now.