Online Shopping for Eye Glasses?

Monday, November 12, 2012

I love to shop online. I purchase almost everything online from toys, gadgets, school supplies, appliances and more. But there are some things that I am hesitant to buy online as I feel that I need to try them on and see how it will look on me or if I am getting the right size. These items are shoes, clothes and even a pair of eyeglasses.

For everything that I buy, I always make sure that I am getting the right value for my money so I am thankful that Warby Parker has a “Try-on Program.” Under this program, customers can choose any 5 glasses that they want to try and Warby Parker will ship them for free for the clients to try on for 5 days.

There is no obligation to buy so whether you order or not after shipping the try-on glasses, you will not be charged with anything. And if ever you want to get any of the glasses that you tried on, just order online and it will be shipped to you with your prescription.

I want to buy their hipster glasses frames so I am definitely subscribing to their Try-on Program so I will be sure that it suits me well first before shelling out any money.