New Bags Coming Soon by Mid November

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Just look at some of the bags that we will be selling soon:

I have been helping my friend sell her items, which she sends to us from the US. At first, I only offer it to two of my officemates and one of my childhood friend and they regularly buy new purses every time I have new stocks. But then I realized that this can be a good sideline and so I expanded my network of re-sellers.

The business is doing really well as I have sold quite a number of bags already. That is why I am thinking that I might need a Retail Shelving in the future for all the new stocks that I am expecting by mid of November.

I am so happy because I have used my small earnings from this sideline for the additional side entertainment that I want to get for Bela’s birthday. Hope I will be able to sell more….