Surprise from Hubby

Sunday, October 28, 2012

I got this from my king last night:
It was really as a surprise because hubby is not the flowers and hearts kind of person. He would prefer to shop for wholesale kitchen cabinets, or gadgets or other things for the house than give me a flower. The last time I received a bunch of flowers from him was many, many years ago when we were still boyfriend-girlfriend.

So why give me flowers all of a sudden? Well, he has been working overtime everyday including weekends for the past 3 weeks now that he would come home late everyday and would spend the whole day at work even on weekends which is supposed to be his time for us. I know its work and I don’t have the reason to feel bad about it but you know us women, the kids and I miss him so much that he felt how upset I am with the situation.

Thus, when he arrived home before 12 AM last Friday, he was carrying this. Yes I know, he is just the sweetest. It made me really feel loved and special and I appreciate that but I hope this hold until his projects are all finish because according to him it will take another 2-3 weeks before his schedule resumes to normal.