On Crimes and Self Defense

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Last night, I heard from the news about the new modus operandi of hold-uppers. They will bring a van with them and will take passengers on the road and when the van is full, they will declare hold-up.

The victims are just students or regular employees who are taking the pubic transportation to and from work or school. I am one of the common Filipinos who uses the public transportation and are the easy target of these criminals. Luckily, I have a regular car pool service so I know the driver and my co-passengers, which lessens my risk from bad people that abound the streets.

My parents are worried though for my sister that they are even suggesting that she brings with her self-defense tool like throwing knives to protect her. She commutes too, to and from work so my parents are scared that she might be a victim also.

I am actually getting paranoid these days with all the bad things that I have been hearing in the news. But I just leave it all up to God. I just pray everyday that He will always keep my family safe and secure.