My Retail Theraphy

Saturday, October 13, 2012

I know I said I don’t have a budget now to splurge but I know I have been working really hard this year that I deserve a price. Actually I am feeling a little depress the past weeks. Well, we are a little tight financially because my sideline has not been doing good lately and so is hubby’s so every month, we have to deal with the financial crisis that we have as we have to pay for our housing loan. Add to that the realization that there is no one else to help us with this but just hubby and me. ☹ That is why I have been turning nights into days to make both ends meet and at the end of the day I can still hear a lot of negative comments from people around me. Can you really feel my frustration now?

That is why I decided to go on a retail therapy and I got myself this:
This is one of the watches that my friend is selling. It is still in transit and will arrive by 2nd week or 3rd week of November so I still have until then to save to pay for this.

I hope this watch is all worth the price and will give me positive vibes, as it is all that I need now.


jennyL said...

yey so nice, you deserve it mare.. gusto ko rin kaso mo parang super big sa wrist ko :( next time na lang