Saturday, October 13, 2012

This is the new term that we invented after my friends held a sale over at Instagram of their kids’ pre-loved clothes and shoes. Since our kids are just 1-2 years apart, we tend to pass some of our kids’ stuff to the younger kids of our friends. At least the seller will get to collect a small amount of money to buy new stuff for their kids while the buyer gets to have almost new, pre-loved clothes at a very affordable price. Where can you find dresses from Kids of Bayo, polo shirts from Ralph Lauren, pants from Gap on sale at only P150- P200? It is like my friends are just giving out these clothes to us. And these clothes are still in very good condition as it has been worn twice or thrice only because we all know how fast our kids grow, right.

And thanks to Instagram, we found a faster way to sell this stuff. First to comment “Mine” is the lucky winning bid.

Just look at the items that I got from Jane and Jody’s Instaukay:

These are really so “sulit” as my kids will only wear them for a maximum of three months because they really grow up so fast and then I have to buy them new set of clothes again. We are just being practical, you know, so I am really thankful for the loots that I got from my friends’ Instaukay.